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A Challenging Modi could take a united NDA to victory

Updated on April 11, 2013
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There is no doubt that Modi has been one of the most challenging politicians of time as he had worked hard to emerge as one of the most popular C.M's of the country even after facing the worst piece of allegations any politician in this country has ever faced . But his elevation to the P.M candidacy is facing an oppisition in the NDA itself as JD(U) , one of nda's strongest ally clearly not supporting his candidacy. NDA may not be able to afford the walk out of JD(U) from the alliance as it may cost them around 19 seats and who knows may be more than that .Even though BJP is having a strong presence in Bihar the C.M. {nitish kumar} has started sending a message that he is the tallest leader in the state who is bringing good governance supported by his deputy too who is hailing from the BJP. So if JD(U) goes for a last minute exit the verdict of the people might not favour the BJP for any reason in Bihar.

Thereby Modi pitting himself against Rahul at Amethi may be a happy solution for the main detractors of his P.M candidancy and hardest solution for his well wishers


1. Hardest battle to be fought & tough victory which may make modi's detractor's pleased .

The very reason that its merely impossible to win against a national leader of prime importance at his constituency makes his detractors pleased thereby formulating that if he wins against such a strong opponent then he will be elevated to the key post .

2. Silence critics to a slight extent with people support

If he emerge to be victorious against such an opponent , he will be able to answer most of his critics that still he has the trust of the people .


Disadvantages if contesting against Rahul

1. New railway budgets aiding Amethi & Rae Bareli & much more expected in this year .

2. Influece on locals for a greater span of time and merely undefeatable factor .

Advantages contesting against Rahul

1.Growing concern among people whether Rahul is just promises and not deliverance

2.Samajwadi Party sweeping the gandhi bastions of amethi and RaeBareli in central UP winning 8 out of 10 assembly seats in the parliamentary constituency

3.Stronger opposition make Modi stronger

4.Convincing speeches of Mr.Modi which could turn even an unpredictable victory possible

Fair to give NDA a chance

NDA if came into power may not necessarily reduce the rising prices or cost of living .the dreams of an exceptional governance or outstanding growth may also not be evident .

What an NDA governance could provide us is just a set of strong decisive and non corrupt leaders (not saying there are no corrupt leaders)

The state governance in states like Madhya Pradesh , Chattisgarh , Gujarat , Bihar , Punjab , Rajasthan (at times of V.Raje now suffering under Gelhot) makes NDA a better option eventhough Karnataka was a huge disappointment .

AAP is the best option for the present scenario but we should wait for the delhi elections to make a judgement on how effective AAP is going to be .


If NDA comes into power in 2014 (which is a hard task ahead) then both nitish kumar and modi are required for a balance governance & good policy making .

Not Practical

Being said all these no leader will take such a challenge standing against an opponent which he may not succeed but then there is no option for him to go for the P.M. candidacy with the support of the strongest ally of the alliance and thus make it a miraculous task for NDA to emerge victorious .


Who is the best choice for the P.M. post for 2014 ?

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      6 years ago

      They have almost parted ways

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      6 years ago

      A final solution


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