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Child Abuse: Parents Ties Up and Chains Child

Updated on April 28, 2016
A Chained Child
A Chained Child

Katina was only thirteen years old when her mother passed away. Her mother was suffering for a very long time from a rare type of cancer. She was hospitalized and was given some type of hormone creating fluid that should have helped to suppress the cancer, but it seemed that her body became too used to that hormone intake and soon it had little to no effect in fighting the cancer. She suffered enormously before she died. Even though Katina was mentally and physically challenged, she knew what love felt like and she looked to her mother for that. Her father paid little attention to her and his actions made both Katina and her mom believe he had little or no love for Katina because of her situation. Katina had suffered from low oxygen to her brain during birth and damaged part of her brain permanently. She was slow in speech and her intellectual abilities were not in par with the average children her age. She was also born with a slight twist in her spine which made her walk funny. She was a very caring and happy child despite knowing of her disabilities and going through some ignorance by many other children. Katina was devastated when her mother died and did not speak nor eat for days. All she had now was an uncaring father who seemed to so quickly to find a mate. Not even six month had passed since his wife's death and he had already taken up another.

Wicked Step Mother
Wicked Step Mother

Soon A New Step Mother

Her fathers new found love was now starting to even sleep over. Katina was torn up inside about this but had no one to talk to but the spirit of her mother. She remembered how every Saturday morning how she and her mom would make different types of muffins and had a splendid time in the kitchen. Katina love blueberry muffins and her mother made the best tasting blueberry muffins in the world. She missed the hugs and kisses and i love you's which her mother used to flood her with. Katina had no liking towards her future step mom as she treated Katina as though she was below human. She never naturally had a conversation with Katina and the only time she spoke to her was if she commanded her to do something. She disliked Katina and would have done anything to get rid of her. She cursed her everyday for supposedly being sloppy and slow and was no good. Katina ran to her father on many occasions to seek protection and love but many times he was drunk and proceeded to also scold her for not listening to his girlfriend Hallie. Katina would stumble in her room and cried until her head began to hurt clenching to her heart the picture of her deceased mother. She was a child in pain.

One day they ordered Katina to go "fetch" them sandwiches. Katina humbly went into the kitchen and proceeded to make them tuna sandwiches. Anger was weighing heavily in her heart as she now was trapped in an abusive life and she did not see anywhere out. Suddenly a thought that she never had ran through her head quick like a bolt of lightening. ("Dad always have rat poison around, what if i put some in their........".)she shook the thought out of her head, sighed and continued to make their meal. As she was coming with the sandwiches and drinks, Hallie pushed out her foot and Katina fell and hit her head on a wooden center table. The juices spilled on both Hallie and Katina's dad. Katina was still on the floor crying and holding her head where she had hit. They both jumped up from the couch and began to devastatingly curse Katina. No one even cared that she had fell and hit her head. Her father began to reel out all that was on his mind, "You stupid handicap bitch...look what you have done you piece of sh.." Hallie joined in the abuse, she even kicked her in the guts while she was still on the floor and cursed her for ruining her shirt. Katina's father then said "I know what t do with stupid girls like you," he then grabbed his daughter by the hair and proceeded to drag her to the basement. Katina screamed and pleaded to her father to stop, "No daddy, Please stop, No daddy No Daddy" he was deaf to his daughters cries. He dragged her down to the basement where he chained her by her feet to an old unused generator. Hallie followed behind boosting the abuse, "Finally, yes Harold, this is where she should have been a long time ago, yes!"

The UN-Noticed Child

The community was so ignorant that even though sally was not seen in the neighborhood for three weeks now, nobody seemed to care enough to even ask Harold about the little girl knowing that she still mourns her mothers death. The talk on the community was all about the new sensations that the high school had for their football seasons. Hallie however never attended the regular school but a special needs school. Her teacher however inquired about her and was told by her father that he was unable to cope in taking care or her and had sent her away to one of his aunts to stay. Without even doing their proper investigation regarding that special needs child. They accepted that and soon the community had it that Katina was sent away. If only they knew the wickedness that was being belted to this poor girl.

Katina's Space
Katina's Space

Life In The Basement

Katina was chained in the basement for six weeks now and was being treated worst than any captivated animal. Her mind was broken as she lay half dead and hoping that one day death will take her fully. Her wicked father installed what seemed to be a makeshift toilet for her to use in the cellar. She was given half bucket of water daily to clean herself and was never given anything sanitary to use. Katina had her meals by eating out of the dog's dish. When they had finished feeding the dog, whatever leftovers they had they would dump it in the dogs dish and shove it to her. The cellar was a disgusting and scary place for anyone to stay in for minutes much-less weeks, living and eating. Many nights she would woke up with rats nibbling on her dirty toes and got bitten twice by scorpions. She was wounded and weak and desperately needed medical attention. Her future stepmother went down to feed her and saw her holding her stomach with tears flowing continuously. She stood over her puffing her cigarette and looking down at her, this woman had no heart and could easily be rejected by the devil himself. Sarcastically she said, "What is it sweetheart, tummy trouble?" Katina was in deep pain but slowly answered, "Please mam, please g..g..get me out of here, i am sick" Hallie laughed and said, "You will stay down here for as long as i say until you know how to do things right!" Katina held unto her foot begging, "Please mam, please help me, please" She kicked away her hands and slapped her across her face for touching her and said, "Disgusting, ewww never touch me again!" and stormed out the cellar to go wash her foot.

Katina cried and the tears washed her dirty face. She could hear her mother's voice telling her to don't let go. Soon she will be OK. That was the only thing that kept this enslaved child alive, the memories of her mother, it was her only comfort in a cold, dark disgusting place.

Katina Near Death

Katina was close to the brink of dying as she was in extremely poor health. She was dehydrated and lost a lot of body mass, she began to literally look like bones in chains. She was weak and had on and off fevers, she was extremely poorly fed and suffered physical and mental abuse while chained in a dirty dark smelly basement. She fought with rats, scorpions and roaches everyday and night. She was a broken spirit on the verge of her last breath. She needed help, she needed to be rescued and she needed it now.

Harold Arrested
Harold Arrested

Relationship Getting Sour

Harold and Hallie were now getting to hate each other, they had daily arguments. The neighbors were tired of their nightly quarrels as they were deeply at each others throat. Harold began to accuse Hallie about her being too close to the customers at the bar that she worked and accused her of being involved with consistent customers. Hallie accused Harold of always smoking pot and using their money to buy cheap prostitutes at night when he would come home too tired to even touch her. They grew further and further apart as the arguments escalated. One late night Harold came home drunk and hungry and was expecting a nice warm meal like he used to. He ventured into the kitchen and the only thing her saw was an empty pizza box and a soda can. He was pissed and stormed over to Hallie who was reading a slutty magazine while the television watched her.

"Hallie, Hallie, Hallie where is my dinner woman!?" he bellowed.
"Oh I am sorry hun, i ordered up a pizza and waited and waited for you to come home so we could have it together baby, I began to ate my share and when i saw that it was actually 11:00 PM i thought you must be elsewhere eating so i ate it all, quite delicious too!" she said in her usual sarcastic manner. Harold was pissed, he staggeringly stormed over to Hallie, draped her out of the chair and slapped her across the face. Hallie became furious and started to throw all sort of stuff at him, she broke every single dish and cups as she used them as missiles at Harold. The ruckus was huge. Hallie ran to the place where Harold placed his shotgun grabbed it and pointed it at Harold. She fired off and Harold jumped behind the sofa. He was as lucky as a four leaf clover. This had brought the attention of all neighbors and they eventually called the police. By this time Harold had scampered away out of the house and stood in the middle of the street leaving the enraged psychopath alone with his gun. Soon the noisy cops could be seen on spot as the blinding flashy lights could be seen a mile away. Harold proceeded to tell the cops how Hallie tried to murder him and that she is deranged and it is his house and she needed to be arrested. The police handcuffed Hallie and she was kicking and screaming, " I am not the only psychopath officers, go look in the basement and you will see what he did to his own daughter!"

There were whispering among the neighbors as they heard what Hallie said. The policemen decided to question Harold who at this time was nervous and shocked what Hallie had revealed to the police officers. One of the policemen began to question Harold, "Sir, do you have a daughter?"
"Yes i do officer, everyone here knows her and knows that i sent her away months now to stay with her relative"
"So what is it that your girlfriend shouted about daughter in basement?"
"She is deranged officer, just mad and hysterical because i told her i needed space"
"Ok, but just to be on the safe side, we will need to search your basement"

Harold opened his eyes wide and used his hands to wipe the guilty perspiration from his face. He was in a deep pickle and had no way out. The Officers asked Harold to sit on the curb as two of them went to search the basement. Harold knew what they would find and knew that his life would be over from there. He suddenly got up in a fit of rage and tackled the one officer who was standing over and watching him. He hassled poorly with the cop who eventually overpowered him with the help of a few good neighbors. He was handcuffed and placed in the back of the police car.

A Horrific Discovery

The police bust open the door to the basement and what they saw brought tears to their eyes. A young girl half clothed chained in a disgusting smelly place. They could visibly see rats running on top of her and roaches crawling out her hair. She was too weak to even brush them away. One officer ran outside quickly to tell the other officer to arrest Harold but he was already in cuffs. They quickly called the paramedics who eventually took out Katina from the basement. The neighbors were shock and disgusted at what Harold and his girlfriend had done. The condition in which the police officers saw Katina living in was worst than the worst prisons in Cambodia. Katina was admitted in hospital for weeks. She suffered from Leptospirosis, and developed some sort of bacteria that was rotting away a small part of her flesh around her back. She underwent therapy and was assisted with special needs. The strength of her mother had given her the will to survive.

Katina eventually survived the ordeal and was placed under a special care facility by the state. She was approached with a very lucrative deal to tell her story. She was represented by her mother's lawyer who made sure that when she was of age, she would benefit from her money. Harold and Hallie was given a maximum of 25 years imprisonment for their wicked and dreadful act. Soon Katina would eventually become a woman and the scars of her childhood would remain with her forever.

Parenting Skills

If you believe that you are a bit off when it comes on to proper parenting this book is for you. Chaining your child in basement or cellar is a very bad idea for punishment!

Would you chain your child in a cellar to teach him/her a lesson?

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© 2015 Clive Williams


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    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 3 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      How sad. ;(

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      Quite Horrific indeed Minnetonka, parental psychopaths

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 2 years ago from Minnesota

      This story was horrific and now hearing you say it's true, makes it even worse. There are some really sick people out there who are unfortunately parents. That child will never be the same again after enduring this abuse.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      guess what always actually is not fiction...this really happened. a child with mental and physical challenges was actually really chained and fed like a dog and lived in inhumane conditions. The father and stepmother have been jailed.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This story made me angry as H. I can't imagine a father doing this. I hope it is fiction...

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      I wonder the same thing billy, i honestly think some people had a dip in the crazy pool at birth.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      Jude Wilson, Sad but true. Thanks for the read

    • Jude Wilson profile image

      Jude Wilson 2 years ago from Texas

      Very good read -unfortunately these types of stories are becoming more frequent as they are uncovered. With society's display of 'anything goes' via many venues, it's never too much of a surprise -but then it again it is. One of the biggest lies society professes is 'what you do in your own home is no one else's business'.....I always say Jeffery Dahamer's victims didn't believe this and I'm sure Katina (and now the neighbors) understand why I say this. Thanks for writing.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Unfortunately, this piece of fiction is too close to real life. I have read news stories of this happening. I simply can't imagine how we all came from the same gene pool.