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A Comparison between Ipsos Synovate and Yougov UK Research Firms

Updated on July 1, 2017

Research Tools Employed by the Firms

Research companies are known for using various research tools to complete research tasks as accurately as possible with minimal costs. These tools are part and parcel of any research work and differ from one organization to the other. Under examination are two research firms using various tools in their research work. These firms are Ipsos Synovate and Yougov research firms.

Ipsos Synovate Research Firm

Ipsos Synovate is an innovative institution that provides research services to different types of clients all over the world. It is the only global organization that is controlled and managed by market researchers. Their main objective revolves around the Better, Quicker, Cheaper (BQC) research processes and methodologies (Ipsos, 2016). The firm is specialized in custom research which is also known as the customized ad hoc research. The company is currently owned by the Aegis Group, which is a resultant product of several acquisitions.

Ipsos’ experts use a number of tools in their research work to ensure the best results for their clients. Among the research tools they use include 1) the market structure tool 2) the perceptor tool - to optimize the positioning of the brand and to evaluate the potential for innovation. 3) The brand positioner tool - to determine the most cost-effective ways to optimize the positioning of the brand and increase its market share. 4) The motivation landscape tool - to understand consumer needs in relation to their motivation as regards a company’s products. These tools are highly effective in providing information because they use simple and easily comprehensible indicators which are designed to obtain information that has a direct relationship with business decisions (Ipsos, 2016). They also allow the user to explore a wide range of issues about consumers and their opinions on market structure, development of a brand strategy and results monitoring in relation to brand equity.

Yougov UK Research Firm

This is an international research firm whose area of specialization is internet-based market research. It has its headquarters in the UK and its operations cover large areas in Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and North America. Its methods involve obtaining feedback from invited groups of internet users and weighing them in accordance with demographic information. It uses a wide range of research tools which include brand index, omnibus, profiles, custom research, reports and sectors (Yougov UK). All these tools are integrated to bring about the best results to their clients.

Among its varied tools Yougov uses include 1) the brand index tool - for tracking public perceptions and monitoring different types of brands 2) profiles - which is a segmentation and media planning tool for brands and agencies 3) Omnibus - which is a cost effective tool of find about people's opinions, behaviors and attitudes 4) custom research - carrying out qualitative and quantitative analysis 6) reports 7) sectors - team of sector specialists. These tools are specialized but they are very effective in their specific areas of application and the combined impact of these tools brings out accurate results.

Contrasts between Ipsos Synovate and Yougov UK

The tools used by Ipsos Synovate and Yougov serve the same research purposes but have different names and levels of applications. Whereas the tools used by Ipsos do not require much technical knowhow, those by Yougov are applied by experts in various research fields because of their specialized functionalities. Tools by Ipsos fall under one suite which is the Development of Brands suite tools that comprehensively addresses the research objectives. Another difference is in the area of methodology. Yougov’s methods of research are less expensive than those of Ipsos because its activities are internet based as opposed to those of Ipsos which require a field force.

Advantages of Utilizing Research Tools

Research tools are not only accurate in their analysis but are also cheaper in terms of budgetary allocations. They are fast and efficient and can be able to deliver accurate results within a short time frame. They are also dependable and flexible and cover a large population at minimal costs.

Reasons for Utilizing an in-house Research Team

Firms that outsource most of their work to research firms are capable of doing their own research using their own in house teams because most of the tools that are used in research work are affordable and highly cost effective. These tools are able to do most of the evaluations, analysis and monitoring and only requires minimal expertise and human resource. It is more expensive to outsource research work than it is to do your own research with the right tools.

How Research Tools can Help Firms to Complete Research Internally

Research tools are very useful to companies because they provide the right input variables. By training employees in the application of such tools they develop an emotional connection to the products and services that the company sells (Mitchell, 2002). Lack of a connection the employees will undermine the company’s expectations about their products. This connection is transferred to the consumers who will respond positively to a positive belief by the company’s employees. Research tools help firms to complete research internally by virtue of being easy to use, dependable, inexpensive and able to cover an array of issues within a short time span.


Research tools are important in any research work because of their efficiency, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and ease of use. These tools are not the preserve of research firms but can be used by any company which has an inhouse team for this specific purpose.


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