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A Conservative Hawaiian's Take on the 2020 Election

Updated on July 11, 2020

Everything Connects

Ever since President Trump came down the escalator to announce his candidacy for the presidency of the United States, the attacks against him and his family have been incessant. Politics is naturally dirty and unmerciful, it comes with the territory, but the negative barrage this man takes on a daily basis makes what Bush and Reagan experienced look like a pillow fight. It has been nothing less than total war on this current administration.

Why all the fuss? You would think that immigration reform would be something all would agree upon. How about strengthening the military? How about renegotiating bad trade deals that screwed the average American citizen? How about bringing back manufacturing to the United States? Installing judges that interpret the Constitution according to how the framers wanted it to be interpreted? How about this statement, "Make America great Again"? I would think that most Americans would want a great nation. Why all the fuss? Why all the anger? What the heck is going on?

Why would anyone not support these initiatives? Wouldn't these grand, but common sense ideas, receive bipartisan support? The answer is no. The Democrats, the MSM, and tech giants have dug in their heels and taken up the unspoken mantra, "Resist at all cost".

Why all the resistance? Why all the push back? Throw all the racism, Russian collusion, and the sham impeachment crap out the window. There is no proof. They were all lies. The reason is this: The One World Government. Yes, it's about the New World Order and anything that smells of nationalism reeks in the nostrils of the new world elite.

Even though I live on a little rock in the Pacific Ocean, I see the diabolical machinations of The Democratic Party and RINOs who are completely sold out to the globalists' agenda. Why would you not protect your borders? Why would you weaken the United States Military? Why draft terrible trade treaties that weaken our manufacturing industry? Why defund the police? Why this systematic weakening of our country? Why criticize our history and liquidate all things that speak of national pride? Fairness? Justice? George Floyd? No, it's about weakening us to the point where we just fold ourselves into the New World Order, the One World Government.

Speaking about order, the Democrats and RINOs all agree that order needs to be maintained somewhere along the line. They are not stupid. That is why they have their own tax payer paid security force while the common citizen gets shafted. This defund the police thing is only a temporary scheme to create the necessary anarchy to bring about changes needed in our country. They need to destabilize to Socialize. They need schism to usher in Marxism. John Adams was right, "It's either the Bible or the bayonet" when it comes to maintaining order. It's either people doing the right thing because they fear and respect God or because they will get a bayonet plunged into their gut.

Marxist regimes keep order by the bayonet or military force. It's pure and simple. Many of the BLM and Antifa activists, who by the way are the modern day Brown Shirts, will be thrown to the side once the globalists move into power. Some of them may be placed into the New World security forces, but the skinny wimps will be axed. They will be tossed away like a used cigarette butt once their usefulness expires. For them, the leftist elite, the ends justify the means. They, the ignorant eighteen to thirty year old black clad Soro's foot soldiers, may try to protest when they realize they have been used, but instead of the gentle pepper spray or passive human police shields, they will get a bullet in their head or life imprisonment by the newly empowered UN forces or whatever force they use. Just look at Communist China's treatment of the Hong King protestors. It may be worse.

The upshot is this: The Democrats cannot win. Your rights, your freedoms, and the national stability to conduct meaningful business and normal everyday life will be a thing of the past. It's true. The DNC have only this dystopian vision: anarchy, chaos, poverty, control, anger, immorality, lawlessness, compounded by other initiatives that defy common sense. In other words, they have no vision, only destruction. They are the party of destruction!

Forgive me for this rant, but this Hawaiian started to connect the dots and realized that I like immigration reform, a strong manufacturing sector, fair trade deals with other nations, NATO paying their fair share for their own defense, China getting put in their place, national monuments not being burnt down or destroyed, babies not being aborted, standing up for the national anthem, wearing a MAGA hat, Christians or any religion not being persecuted, following the Constitution, and other, may I say, common sense initiatives.

I like the United States of America and the freedoms this nation stands for. I like being an American. Yes, we are not perfect, but I would rather have our version of imperfection than what China or Iran or even the EU parade as enlightened society. Give me a break! That is why I am voting for President Trump. It's that simple. He is the only leader with the cajones to stand up against the inane globalists trying to destroy and take away our freedoms. He is the only one to tell China, "Shove it!" Again, it's that simple. I will end it here. God bless you my fellow Americans.


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    • The Minstrel profile imageAUTHOR


      4 weeks ago from Hawaii

      Thank you James. Yes, it goes way beyond Socialism. That is just the mask. The main goal is Luciferianism.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      4 weeks ago from Chicago

      You are exactly right. It is all about the overthrow of America and the establishment of World Government, which will be communist and satanic. Your article is well done and right on target.

    • The Minstrel profile imageAUTHOR


      4 weeks ago from Hawaii

      Thanks AB Williams. Yes, I know many Democrats are not okay with this shift towards Marxism.

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 

      4 weeks ago from Central Florida

      This Conservative Floridian concurs!

      I know all Dems cannot be okay with this hard turn toward full blown Socialism/Marxism, but what will they do about it? Will the diehard Dems (that aren't okay with any of this) stay home, hold their nose and take their chances, change parties?

    • The Minstrel profile imageAUTHOR


      4 weeks ago from Hawaii

      Pre-Trump era. Obama and the rest of the Progressives weakened our country significantly.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      4 weeks ago from PNW

      I have to take issue with the following:

      1. Manufacturing - U.S. manufacturing is the largest in the world, produces 18.2% of the world’s goods. In 2018, the gross domestic product (GDP) from manufacturing was $2.33 trillion, driving 11.6% of U.S. economic output. Manufactured goods make up half of American exports. Openings in manufacturing have nearly doubled in the 2000s. In 2001, they were at 1.8%, and in 2017, they were at 3.1%.

      2. Military - We still spend $600 Billion on defense. How are we "weakened?"

      3. Name 3 bad trade deals in which we did not benefit.


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