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A Country Divided

Updated on January 3, 2011

Who Cares About Our Citizens?

I am an opinionated writer that likes to express himself. I feel the need to speak out about things that affect all of us. I am a bona fide voter who has earned the right to speak out about his country. It is my hope that others are taking action to preserve the American way of life which supports life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness and that all men are created equal. I'm beginning to have my doubts. Now we are living in a difficult time for our country where other countries are losing respect and belief in what our country stands for. We are fighting two wars which may have indeed been started on an outright lie. We are going through a financial melt down if that is what you want to call it. Frankly I think it's "BS." I dont care about facts. If you think we are struggling ask the Martha Stewarts, the Bill Gates', the Donald Trumps', and Ted Turners', and countless numbers of business tycoons such as the CEO of Face Book and numbers of professional athletes and celebrities. If we are in such a rut why are their millions still good? Why don't you ponder that one? Nevertheless we have got to pull ourselves out of this quagmire whether made up or real. The one sure thing that's hurting us are these damnable wars. I had mentioned in an earlier blog that these wars will not break the back of terrorism and they won't. What it will do is divide our country more, cause internal bickering, civil unrest, and a weakening of our defenses on the home front. You may ask yourself what does he know about our millitary and of strategy? Well I tell you this. A general's job is to be a warrior and a battle planner, a lobbyist's job is to convince politicians what they should vote for in the senate and the house, special interests groups jobs are to bribe people with donations. So where does that leave the average voter? "Does his vote really count? Only for the people that win and not for the average American citizen. If we continue to spend money at the alarming rates of the costs to maintain these wars the average american citizen will end up being taxed to death by his local municipalities in a state that already knows he doesn't have the money to hardly make ends meet. Why because tthe states are the ones that are complaining that they dont have federal money and are laying off workers as well and the poor small business owner who is stressed to the limit and forced also to lay off workers because like the rest of us they are taxed by county, city and town governments who can't get any help from the state governments while the rich, while paying more money than the average Joe, is not paying their fair ratio of taxes leaving the real burden on the medium to lower income tax payers. If that is not enough we have frustrated citizens who don't know a damn thing about government and have little if no experience being allowed to run against experienced candidates who are so prejudiced that they don't care what happens to the country because yes, a black president is in office. Yes Mr. Obama has his flaws and being black does not mean he should be coddled but my God! Don't turn your back on and dissaproove of everything that the Obama admistration is trying to do without even offering alternative ideas, constructive critisicm and suggestions. People are running for office doing things that are considered immoral and being blatant and flamboyant about it all the while condemning others for what they are doing. If that's not the icing on the cake, voters are hailing them. I heard a commentator once say that the average person is too stupid and ignorant to vote. That could not be any more true than now. We vote for people we trust to have the experience and knowhow to handle the things we dont't understand that are in our interests that is why we call them representataves. Let's give our President support, elect quilified candidites and in the meantime do what is in the interest of all America. Obama won by due process because either no one was quilified to run against him or others were too chicken hearted and did not have the guts to take a stand and run. What ever the case, we have to work with what we have to the best of our ability and put someone in office that we think can do the job better.So listen up all anti-liberal, anti-establishment, anti-everything people with no real solution, it is time you get off the pot and start changing for the better. If you are a real man or woman, now is the time to prove it. Forget about being educated and informed, you at first have to start using your common since. If you don't think I've said anything sigmificant and I haven't stated any real facts and I'm so mediocre and you are so educated, well rounded and balanced, then what does that say for you? It is time for a change.

Lending Support is What is Needed Now


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