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A Crime Story - A Story of Two Fast Friends Who Betrayed Each Other.

Updated on December 16, 2011


A Crime Story of Two Friends Who Deceived Each Other

This is a real story of two fast friends namely Farhan and Asad. They were very close to each other and had family ties. Farhan belonged to a Pathan family having two beautiful children and a wife. He was a strong man of 6.2” height. Being a Pathan, Farhan had a fair complexion.

Asad was very young when he got married. That was a love marriage with one of his cousin namely Saima. His wife was just 16 years of age when she got married. Asad had one son and a daughter. He had great love for his wife and children.

Many relatives of Asad were in United Kingdom and Farhan was very desperate to go to UK. Asad promised Farhan that he will help him to fulfill his desire. Asad also got Rs.300,000/- from Farhan for this purpose. However, instead of sending him to UK, Asad prepared his own documents and went to UK by utilizing Farhan's money.

Farhan was deceived by his best friend on whom he had full trust. Not only this, Farhan was also deprived of his hard earned money. He could not do anything but to morn.

Asad deceived his best friend and left his beloved wife and children just to earn some good money in UK as usually many people do in this part of the world. He remained in UK for seven years and in this period everything changed. In order to get UK citizenship he got married with one of his relative in UK.

On the other hand, Farhan decided to take revenge. He frequently visited his friends home. Whenever, he visited, he used to took some gifts for the children of Asad. He showed great love for the children. His love for the children helped him to win the heart of Saima, who was just 23 years of age and being a housewife did not had much sense. Saima was also annoyed and despaired on the second marriage of Asad. In her opinion, Asad also deceived her.

Farhan used to take the children of Asad for outing where they got the opportunity to play and enjoy. Saima also developed hatred in the hearts of her children against their father. They were told that their father has left them and it is Farhan who is providing all the pleasure opportunities to the children.

Absence of her husband from home and handsome amount of remittances she received from her husband allowed Saima liberty and opportunity of leisure for which she was not mentally prepared. There was no one to stop her. Soon, Saima and Farhan developed illicit relations.

The relatives of Asad informed him all the situation. First, he tried his level best to dissuade Saima from immoral activities but of no avail. Then, all of sudden, the situation took a new turn.

IN order to settle his family disputes, Asad had to come back to his motherland. His two brothers who were in UK were also with him. On the very first day of his arrival there was an exchange of hot words between two ex-friends on the mobile phone:-

Farhan:You were my best friend but you breached the trust.

Asad:You have also betrayed me by breaking into my home.

Farhan:Now your children and wife are mine. Divorce your wife so that I could marry her.

Asad:This is impossible. You could not be able to get anything. Rather you should first check out your own home. I had relations with your wife. We met many a times whilst no one was their.

Farhan(With anger):I will kill you.

First, Asad treated his wife in a hostile manner but later on elders of the family gathered and there was a reconciliation between the husband and wife. Asad forgave his wife for all disobediences for the sake of Almighty and the children they had. Asad in fact brought many gifts for his children and wife. He also promised to take his wife with him to UK.

News of reconciliation between husband and wife was shocking for Farhan.

Farhan severely beaten his wife and asked her to tell the truth and she confirmed what Asad had said. Farhan suffered a lot from the outrageous news that his wife also had illicit relations with Asad. Farhan was feeling happy that he had taken revenge from Asad by sabotaging his married life but indeed his life was a complete failure. Asad had won. He deprived Farhan from his hard earned money, broke into his home and now he also had a reconciliation with his wife. Farhan now had nothing to loose.

Today, Asad was going to see off his two other brothers who had come to their motherland after thirty years. They were on their way when someone stopped the car on gun point. It was Farhan with a fully loaded gun. Without waiting for a moment, Farhan opened indiscriminate fire on all three on board. Asad and his two brothers died on the spot. Thereafter, Farhan went back to the home and killed his wife and ultimately committed suicide.


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    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 5 years ago from Pakistan

      I think foolish attitude of Saima was the primary reason for all the destruction. Had she acted intelligently, the situation might be much different. Don't give liberty to your wife enough, especially when she was not well educated and mature is also a lesson to be learned from this story.

      In this part of the World people used to leave their homelands to earn some quick money abroad but when they come back, in some situations they found themselves in such like situations when their wives are not theirs and their children refuse to accept them as fathers.