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Updated on September 26, 2009

Peaceful Purposes.

This week's meetings at the United Nations, of both the General Assembly and the Security Council, and the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, have been very dramatic, with not just personalities taking center stage with prolonged speeches that went over the specific time on the General Assembly's calendar, as the one Moammar Ghadafi (Qaddafi) gave; and the revelation by President Obama that Iran had a secret uranium enrichment plant, which was part of its intentions to obtain a nuclear bomb.

There was so much anguish expressed by many world leaders meeting at the U.N.; and no jubilation was forthcoming from an announcement that would shock everyone, that the problem with the rogue Iranian regime to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons, was getting even worse.

Besides that, there was another secret that came out, of Iran cooperating with Venezuela of its research on uranium deposits in that South American country, which blew the lid off the top of the dangers that the world was facing now and in the future. Both countries were asserting that their goals were to utilize nuclear energy for peaceful purposes; but there were no guidelines for the world at large to ascertain the truthfulness of their claims.

The I.A.E.A. (International Atomic Energy Agency), the watch dog and the center of cooperation in the nuclear field, did not make the announcement; and why not? It had come out with many reports on previous occasions that it was not making much progress with inspecting the facilities that were known by the agency, due to the difficulties being placed in its way by the authorities in Iran to conceal the facts of that country's nuclear plans.

The insidiousness of the news by President Obama has also been made clear by two other world leaders, Prime Minister Brown of the United Kingdom and President Sarkozy of France, putting Iran on notice, by "drawing a line in the sand", and pleading with it (Iran) to abandon its quest for nuclear bombs instead of just nuclear power for peaceful use.

The scene has been one of a dangerous world, in which every nation would want to procure a nuclear bomb, even for the sake of prestige; but the question still remained of who would use it first, and for what reason?

It would be expedient for Ahmadinejad to accept the programs set before his nation by the United States, Britain and France, in assisting Iran to choose a path that would lead to prosperity for its people; and that choice has been made very clear this week in New York and Pittsburgh. The International community, and in fact, the whole world, was hoping that he (Ahmadinejad) would do the right thing; or his country would have no one to blame but itself. 


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