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Updated on June 28, 2012

Any type of delay would be intolerable.

On the spur of the moment, the United States Supreme Court would like to delay its decision on President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, which among other things would grant health care insurance to 30 million or so Americans, who were without coverage; but today should be the final day for the court.

However, the fact remained that the Democratic Party has gone at length to pass a law that has been almost 75 years in the making, as many presidents and their political parties gone before have tried to introduce a comprehensive health care plan for all the people of this country, but have failed.

Now that one such plans has become a law of the land, it would be incumbent on the Supreme court to uphold it in its full form to ensure that equality in health care provision was not a privilege for just a few people that could afford it.

Families of workers, the elderly and the poor; all deserved to have health care coverage that was reasonable and cost effective; and also those having preexisting conditions not to face the humiliation of insensitive insurance companies, that put money before any consideration for patients, turning them down.

Corruption and graft that were rife in the health care industry must be dealt with, and the new law did exactly that, to clean up insurance companies' policies and plans that were costly, cumbersome and confusing for doctors and their patients to comprehend.

The Supreme Court's decision should be far from being political, as many people would not tolerate any type of bias to influence that decision. Millions of lives were at stake, and if a ruling was to be compromised in any negative way, the outrage of the general public could turn sour and even violent.

The Justices were aware of the feelings of people, which were personal in many respects, as some of those, who have been denied health coverage in the past were now receiving the services to maintain their health and even to keep them alive.

To go back to the conditions that they were subjected to before would be disastrous for them and their families. Mothers of children, who suffered from debilitating diseases and needed a 24hour care would be devastated.

So would those in nursing homes waiting to have the treatment and medications that would make them well again. They were old, but they were not dead as yet; and that old age was not an illness, as some insurance executives took it to be.

There were all type of situations to consider by the Justices to arrive at a decision that would be fair to all concerned; and for them to allow any political or ideological justification to interfere with their responsibility, and to return an unpopular verdict would cast a dark shadow on the court for many years to come. They (justices) would be vilified.

Everybody knew that they have a tough assignment to handle; but they must handle it well and in the interest of all the people, and not just those with whom they shared common ideals.

That would bring about an unjust outcome, from which nothing good would result.


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