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Updated on June 22, 2012

A really messed up day.

I was not able to write a blog as usual yesterday, because hackers invaded my privacy by going into my computer and messing things up in it; the technician, who eventually fixed the machine told me.

However, why they should come to me was what bothered me, that it was not my normal practice to write anything that would anger anybody. I always stuck to the truth and "let the chips fall where they may"; and that should be a policy that others should follow or copy, instead of going round in circles with an opinion they would like to express about another person or topic. They would even lie in the process to reach their goal.

I have written about quite a few personalities, but I would not just pick up a pen and paper and decide to write about what they should be taking notice of in politics, for example, or something in current affairs. Those that I used as my subjects have always failed to realize that we were all in one boat, and I have every right to point that out to them. I would never remove "a speck in their eyes", but a plank; so to speak.

That they should be open in their minds of what they tend to focus on in life, and be able to absorb criticisms of themselves before "they cast the first stone"; and then I would give a few reasons, why I was making those observations about them.

That has been my style for quite a long time; and before I would use a person as my subject matter, I would have done a little research about him or her, so that when he or she should read what has been said, he or she would not have a chance to duck, as the facts would be pointing straight at him or her.

Yet, let me return to hackers, and the difference between them and guys and gals like me. You might not believe that God has children in this world, and so has Satan; and those of us who did things out of the goodness of our hearts would not think of harming anybody. Why? Because we were the children of God.

Others, like hackers, were harmful to society, as their actions would demonstrate; and that they enjoyed hurting even friends or family. In other words, they did not care whom they would hurt; and their enjoyment would come from the painful experiences of their victims. They were demonstrably the children that were perverted by their iniquitous father.

That would show that there would be Heaven, where the good people have emerged from, and Hell, where the despicable lived.

Hackers could go anywhere they wanted to indulge in the mischief that were born with; but why would they target poor and innocent persons, from whom they would not derive any benefit? While Angels would go any distance to satisfy someone, who did not deserve sympathy, even if it was served in "a hole in a wall", and that someone could be the grossest person in the world; hackers would trouble anyone without mercy.

Those who messed up my computer and caused me so much trouble should be ashamed of themselves; for I would have nothing to say to them, but they have achieved their objective; and to me, they were the scum of the earth.

However, I had a real Angel coming to my aid to service my computer; a creation they, hackers, would never be able to compare themselves to, for he was kind and gentle; and he would go out of his way to help others in need. A person like that was from a very special place.

It surely confirmed to me that there was Heaven; and there was..... (You fill in the blank).


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