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Updated on September 13, 2011

Essential talking points.

Was yesterday's debate by CNN/Tea Party Republicans a good one? Many did not have the privilege of seeing it; however, according to media reports, it was mainly about candidates and not about the country.

The country was sweltering under an acute unemployment situation; and that should worry politicians more than any other issue. That and the faulting economy must be all that presidential potentials talk about.

Political contributions and state medical programs of HPV vaccine being ministered to girls were important; just as well as an illegal alien in a coma in a local hospital should be; but the debaters should look farther than that.

They should tell people how they would govern; what policies they had that would certainly create jobs that could be established by the government; and the feasibility of the private sector picking up the rest of the unemployed.

What sort of a relationship there was between private industry and the government for them to work together for a better economy? What would the labor unions do to help in the situation?

If those issues were not foremost on the minds of the Republican Party candidates, then they should not be considered for the position of the highest office in the land; the Presidency of the United State.

They would be wasting people's time by scheduling debates that were not essential to the country's needs.

"Ambition should be made of sterner stuff", and they could argue about who was more qualified than whom in party circles; however, Americans could not wait for fourteen months before they went to work. They want jobs; and they want them now.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs; and the economy. Those should be the main and essential talking points; and those were what candidates should have been talking about yesterday, more than anything else.


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