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Updated on October 4, 2012

Obama needed more time to expose Romney.

The pollsters are at it again. To say that there has to be a winner in yesterday's debate between President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney, and that the winner has to be Romney would be engaging in a preference of choice.

The media has to be part of the game plan too; and that the headlines like "Romney comes on strong" and "Romney hits President on Economy,...." did not tell the whole story of the debate, as witnessed by many viewers.

As for the reaction of the audience, it was not authorized to show any kind of emotion, and so there was no cheering or clapping or any actual outburst or action to show how it felt with the answers coming from the candidates.

Yet, the questions being answered naturally came in two different ways, as Obama has to be on the offensive to defend his policies, because they have happened; whereas Romney only has to repeat the promises he has been making on the campaign trail.

In other words, Obama had his work cut out for him, whilst Romney has to ramble on, reciting what he would do, without any details. He was not as challenging as the president, when the question on how he would correct the economy came up.

For example, he Romney at one point said, "I will not raise taxes on the middle class; I will cut taxes for small businesses for them to be able to hire more people," while Obama said that, as president, he has cut taxes for that group so many times already.

Again, on health care, Obama had said that Medicare would suffer under the Romney plan, according to the AARP, a reputable organization that specifically catered to seniors and protected their interests. It (AARP) has maintained that as far as health benefits were concerned, they (seniors) would lose so much; plus a tag of $6000 a year more of cost for them to shoulder, if a voucher system medicare was introduced.

Romney had very little to say about that, except to resort to the government taking over health care being wrong; however, he forgot that his own health plan for the State of Massachusetts, when he was governor there, took over the program completely, and that its format was the same as the Affordable Care Act that Obama signed into law in 2010.

Obama's opposition to create jobs has come from none other than the U.S. Congress itself, when the Republicans won a majority; and that episode could not be ignored. The Democrats would come back, and would give him the support he needed to push through most of his policies in his second term, for him to build a strong middle class that was liable to grow the economy faster. He made that point very clear last night.

It was a lively debate, but Obama should have stayed on the left hand side of the screen, where he belonged; and also grinning was never his style, so why should he begin now?

Besides, time was short for any elaborate answers from him, as his experiences in the Oval Office alone would have taken more than fifteen minutes at a time to respond to the questionnaire and Romney's onslaught. He, Romney, had nothing to defend, except his promises, which were still promises.

Everybody knows that two hours are not enough to deal with national problems; and also, there are two more presidential debates to follow in a few weeks. It will then be when people will see if Romney will be able to give fairly "new" and original answers to the questions from the moderator.

If he goes on the binge of repeating what he is heard to have said in the first debate, voters will find him out and give him the heave ho. They are aware that he is representing the wealthy and the Health Care Insurance companies and not the people; some 46 or so percent of which that he has so much disdain for, with respect to what he is heard to have been saying on a secretly taped video to a group of millionaires and billionaires recently in Florida. "Those people...," are free loaders, to paraphrase.

Pollsters and the media will take sides in the 2012 presidential election, intentionally; but it will be the people that will eventually decide its outcome.

Over to you, Obama.


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