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Updated on January 18, 2012

Should it be that way?

So much political divisiveness is seen in the United States today than ever before, and the reason is that the leaders, who have been trusted to handle the nations affairs are at loggerheads with each other.

That is happening at no less a place than the U.S. Congress, where "compromise" has become a dirty word, and where some members are not interested in a transformation in government, but a total change of government.

The root cause is that there is no constructive opposition, where agreements can be reached to sort problems out. Party ideology takes first place in everything that they do, leaving misunderstanding, gridlocks and roadblocks to stop members from making any progress on any issue.

From the debt ceiling and the deficit reduction talks through to the payroll tax cut designed to help low income earners and their families, which is already law, but only needs a one year's extension. Congress will give it just two months to remain in effect. After that, the tax rates of these working men and women will go up.

One would not be the only one to say that President Barack Obama has bent over backwards to reach out to members of Congress, through meetings in the White House and telephone calls to leaders and "backbenchers" alike, to help him implement many of his policies, but all to no avail.

The division on Capitol Hill has affected the psyche of the nation; hence, the outrageous and atrocious conditions that have manifested themselves in a slow economy and high unemployment.

An article in, with the headline, "How Congress can hurt the economy," summed it all up by saying in part as, "Having a divisive Congress back in session could produce some nasty side effects for the nation’s still struggling economy." (, 01/18/12.

Yet, should the country be made to suffer that way? Certainly not, if politicians would endeavor to be thoughtful of country first, and to resolve its problems amicably.

Some were saying that in an election year, things would go from bad to worse, as the Republican Party candidates would say anything to get the party's nomination for the 2012 presidential election. In fact, one of the candidates, Newt Gingrich has already dubbed Obama as "the food stamps president,"

Of course, government spending must be curtailed by cutting some of the programs that were contributing to the huge yearly budget that the country could not afford. So many of those programs have become entitlements and as a result they were draining the government coffers, at the expense of the enormous national debt of $15 Trillion dollars.

Something was going to give, if nothing was done about it; and that made some lawmakers to be sincere about "cutting" them (programs) to stop the national debt, which was out of control and continued to skyrocket.

Those were serious problems, but they should not be allowed to put wedges in American society. The only way to tackle them was for the president and Congress to cooperate in finding common grounds to resolve them.

In a Democracy, parties were there to legislate laws that would unify a country; not to divide it.

In view of that, it would be the hope of every American that Congress would have a change of heart and worked with the president for the benefit of all citizens; and although it was an election year, it should not be one to make people disheartened of politics.

It should be one in which the country would come together to solve its problems.


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    • profile image

      Gusser 5 years ago

      Congress is to make law, not the President. The President can either sign or veto the bills, NOT propose them. This government has been upside down for years. The Constitution is supreme. If it's not in there, it becomes a state issue. Find food stamps, Social Security, Welfare checks etc in the Constitution. Time for a complete shutdown until they return to their Constitutionally allowed duties. Just some info, This is a Republic, Not a Democracy. They are very different.