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A Day In The Life Of A Homeless Man

Updated on April 27, 2012

Homeless And Hungry In America , The Land Of Plenty

Homeless People in America get a bad rap. Urban Myths , Legends and an attitude by most Americans " So What Its Not Me " continues to contribute to the Homeless Problem in America. Yet we can fight multi billion dollar wars in foreign lands while there are homeless men women and children , yes children homeless and hungry here in the United States each and every night. Do you know that most homeless families consist of a single mother and children. And the amount of single mothers with children is going up not down but yet we continue to send millions of dollars to foreign countries to fight poverty there when we have plenty of poverty right here. Yet you see few if any late night TV commercials asking for help for homeless women and children here in the United States.

Lets take a look at the real causes of homelessness here in the United States. There was the movement in the 1960s to create community based mental health programs and do away with the state facility's for the mental ill. There was only one big huge problem with this. Community Based Mental Health Programs have no places for people to stay. While the ideal to create community based mental heath treatment programs may have been great the government officials thinking it up forgot one big thing. Where were all the people sent back to their families going to sleep at night. For the most part their families don't want them and if there is a homeless shelter in the area the persons with mental problems act out and get kicked out of the shelters and many even get banned from the shelters. So they end up sleeping in the streets. Wow what a country we live in. Its time to wake up people.

The failure of urban housing projects to provide safe , secure and affordable housing contributed greatly to the homeless problem in America today. Welfare Reform in the late 1980s and early 1990s also contributed greatly to the homeless problem in America today. Again when the government officials thought up welfare reform they either didn't think when they wrote up their rules or they just didn't care. Also did you know that if your a man and homeless in America about the only help available to you is food stamps. No help for housing in any way.

The failure of the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide effective mental heath care and housing for veterans contributed greatly to the homelessness problem here in America today. The VA has many ineffective programs that again fail to provide the one thing that could really help homeless vets and that is a place to live. And unfortunately there are a lot of homeless veterans that for one red tape reason or another they just simply refuse to help. Often because the homeless veteran has no ID or papers of any type. So once again the homeless person ends up sleeping on the streets.

A Day In The Life Of A San Francisco Homeless Man

More Homeless Facts

According to a recent study by the US Conference of Mayors the demand for emergency shelter in 300 medium to large size American cities went up 37 percent in 2006 and the demand seems even greater in 2007. Almost a full 30 percent of people seeking shelter in America every night are turned away. With shrinking budgets many cities have adopted a closed door attitude towards homeless people.

Homeless Camp Under A Freeway Bridge

Yes a homeless camp under a freeway bridge. What if you had to go live under a bridge tonight.
Yes a homeless camp under a freeway bridge. What if you had to go live under a bridge tonight.

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