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A Deadly Long-Term Plan Against An Arch-Enemy

Updated on September 16, 2014

The government and the large contingent of cigarette manufacturers meet periodically in clandestine locations and at unannounced times. The main topic of their agenda is to discuss the controlled lethality in the deadly addictive product that is being marketed to populations that need to have its levels reduced. The Reduction is mandated in such a way as to avoid suspicion of complicity and involvement. It is no secret that overpopulating countries and races are posing a real threat to the industrialized world as their sheer massive numbers swell and overflow their boundaries and amass huge overwhelming numbers that soon evolve into armies.

In the absence of war, this has been the primary source of population reduction in the past, second only to disease. The governments are now asking the cigarette manufacturers to step up both the addictive element and the lethal dosage in a product that is consumed so widely in other nations, including specific races that are targeted within its own borders.

This method is not only a solution but also a revenue generator as the prices are continually rising for tobacco products.

Target: The Middle East

The middle east has been a major consumer of tobacco products, specifically cigarettes. As an incentive they are made cheaply and priced accordingly for the masses of the indigent population. This would primarily be the guerrilla faction whom targets the United States, Britain, France or the entire western civilized world. According to one source “Turkey’s cigarette exports to Iran increased from $8 mn in 2003 to $22.2 mn in 2004 and then to $39.8 mn by 2005 "”

Also Bulgaria's largest cigarette maker Bulgartabac plans to export a total of 15.5 billion cigarettes to the Middle Eastern market this year and achieve a further 7% export growth to the region in 2013. - See more at:

Pricing is the only obstacle for a young middle-class American. With cigarettes pricing out at 14.00 to 18.00 per pack here in the United States, making the average about 6.36 per pack. The current states administration has placed an ever growing tax of 4.36 per pack in New York City. "" Although this isn’t the highest tax yet.

Would you consider this a far-reaching conspiracy theory or feasible plot?

You tell me.

Book details will come later.


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