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A defense of Russia

Updated on October 2, 2015

A defense of Russia

A Bulgarian

In the nineteen eighties something remarkable happened on St. Peter's Square in Rome. A man from Bulgaria pointed a gun at the heart of a religious leader. The murder attempt failed. A couple of years later the Soviet Union collapsed.

There's something remarkable about this event. Bulgaria, the country where the gunman came from, was once part of the Roman Empire whereas Poland, the country of origin of the religious leader, has never been part of it.

The problem

Poland is a difficult country. Formally, it is a slavic country but, strangely, it is allergic of the most important country in the slavic world - Russia.

Countries like Russia and Bulgaria deserve respect. They are part of the orthodox tradition, a tradition that separated from the catholic church long ago.

Help needed

In the coming time I will move eastwards, to Wroclaw, a city somewhere above Prague. Here I will set up a studygroup which goal is to investigate whether it is a good idea to enstrengthen the influence of Russia in this part of the world.

I will try to give updates about my findings on this site or via another way. If you want to join me then don't hesitate and contact me.


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