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A Distraction From Change

Updated on August 14, 2020
Statue of Stonewall Jackson Torn Down
Statue of Stonewall Jackson Torn Down

The Issue with the Statues

In the United States, there are approximately 1500 different public memorials to the confederates with around 700 of these being statues and other monuments. To simplify the argument of these statues in this article, it is argued that the tearing down of these monuments are akin to erasing the history and identity of the Southern United States. The other isle argues justly that these monuments are simply monuments erected to put down African Americans. There is no real arguing around the fact these statues are in opposition to civil rights and African Americans as many were built during the periods like the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights Movement. These monuments were built in opposition to equality which many of the people depicted in these statues were also against. To address the claim that tearing down these statues would erase Southern history, one only needs to turn to Germany after WW2 to see this argument is a blatant falsehood. The history of Germany's dark past with Hitler, the Holocaust, and Nazism aren't glorified in statues or other monuments honoring those of the Nazi party. Instead, they see the error in this period and erased all statues, depictions and other expresions which were made to portray Nazi's in positive lights. Has their history been lost, obviously not, it's a difficult task to find anyone who has not heard of Hitler or the Holocaust. In Germany especially, they receive extensive education of the period in hopes of never repeating the errors of their Ancestors. We should apply what Germany did to Hitler in America for the Civil War and the disgusting history of slavery in our country. Simply put, yes, the statues which commemorate the Confederacy are simply racist worthy of being taken down, however, there is a issue in this which some fail to see.

A BLM Riot
A BLM Riot

A Distraction

The BLM movement has accomplished many things since the death of George Floyd, however, has true reform been achieved? While its true BLM has accomplished very basic change, true reformation of the police has yet to be enforced. What do I mean by true reformation? Simply new laws and policies put in place meant to fundamentally change the way policing is done in America. The tearing down of statues is a easy place to start, it is the most basic form of easy change that can be accomplished. Politicians and others are quick to offer change in insignificant ways, removing superficial things such as statues, include more diverse actors or characters for no reason, simple statements condemning racism, etc. These actions are no more than simple platitudes, distractions, red herrings from what must be accomplished. Lip service promising change amounts to nothing without reform put into legislation. This is what we must focus on to better America, push past the distractions and meaningless baby steps corporations and politicians offer and make decent change come to fruition.

Change, Real Change

Campaign Zero is "a project of the non-profit organization, WeTheProtesters". Their aim is to push politicians and policymakers to finally reform the way policing is done in America and end police violence. The picture above shows many the main demands and reforms we need in order to prevent police brutality.

Basic Important Reform

  • Independent Investigations of police misconduct
  • Rigorous Training for Police Officers
  • Constant Police Monitoring through Body Cams and Civilians who are Filming
  • Policing The Police - Officers accountable for each other's behavior
  • Limit use of force
  • End quotas for tickets and arrests
  • Demilitarize police equipment and limit any use of military grade weapon

Support Change

Our actions today could be the history taught in the future, we need to ensure we take advantage of this opportunity for positive reformation of the American police and justice system. We must not be blinded by the attempts of politicians, influencers, and companies to appease the racial injustice in America through surface level, meaningless changes such as the toppling of statues. Campaign Zero and BLM has a chance to make our policymakers bend their knee and push reform into the police force. We can all support these people by calling our representatives, spreading the word, and bringing as much attention to this movement. Working together, we can make it impossible for our voices to be ignored and achieve change. There is hope


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