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A Double Standard you Say?

Updated on April 14, 2012

What A Joke?

Our president couln't help challenging the constitution by offering free contraception to women through their health insurance provided by their employers. Trying to push the idea that the Democratic Party was concerned about women's health. They being the sole provider of women's health would make sure that women would have access to free contraception even if the women in question were employed by the Catholic Church. Freedom of religion means nothing to the left as they sight over and over that seventy five percent of Catholic women use contraceptives.

After the president realized that he was stepping all over the rights of the church to practice their religious views without bias he tried to hang the responsibility of providing contraception on the insurance companies. As if that wouldn't have any repercussion as far as the church was concerned. in their eyes they were still the provider. It was in the midst of the conflict caused by the Obama Administration that Sandra Fluke arrived on the seen to testify before the a Congressional hearing. (and its still not clear that she was invited to testify) Sandra then appeared on the Rush Limbaugh show as a call in listener. It was then that Rush ends up calling her a slut and accused her of wanting to be paid for sex. President Obama steps in to defend Sandra Fluke from the insults of Rush Limbaugh. What a joke! Was it because Sandra Fluke is a lady being unfairly maligned by the all powerful Rush Limbaugh, the liberal identified head of the Republican Party?

Where was the President when Bristol Palin needed defending, where was the President when Willow Palin needed defending from similar but more vicious attacks from the likes of Bill Maher and David Letterman. Where was the President when Laura Ingraham was called a slut and the c... word? These attacks were unprecedented, yet there was no phone call from the President. There was no outcry from the White House to show solidarity or empathy. Not one call was made to Bill Maher or David Letterman demanding an apology. No pressure was asserted on sponsors to pull their sponsorship from the Bill Maher and David Letterman show.

There is a double standard that exist between the Left and the Right in this country. It is that the liberal media protects the left and promotes a double standard in U.S. politics. I believe that the only reason that it exists is that the mainstream media in America is controlled by the liberal left, hell they are the news media!

Journalism was once an honorable pursuit. Think about it; Ben Franklin, one of our forefathers and founders was a journalist among many other pursuits. If old Ben could come back and see what's going on today, I'm sure he would scream out in frustration. I can hear him now. No matter who's side you're on, right or left the story should consist of WHO, WHAT and WHERE! Then the reader should decide.

The truth is that the liberal left is going to tell the story the way they want you to hear it, their way. If you expect the liberal left media to report a conservative story without bias, your expectations are at best naive.

The left has created the double standards that exists in American politics. They are able to maintain the double standard simply because of their exclusive control of the mainstream media. The American people are not as gullible as they have been in the past.

Things are changing, and changing fast. Now that we have cable news the likes of Fox News along with the conservative blogs and other hot news media's the American people are quickly coming up to speed. Liberals are going to have to start telling the truth about their intentions in this country. When America is paying full attention there will be no more double standards. Liberals and conservatives will have to learn to work together if there is to be a common future that benefits all parties.

I think I really like the sound of that; liberals and conservatives working together for a common good. I believe that's what the founders of this great country envisioned.


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    • profile image

      Writer chuck 5 years ago

      I'm glad we are it give this country hope.

    • profile image 5 years ago from upstate, NY

      I know, I do the same thing, I guess we're all like Rodney King at times!

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago

      Thanks for your comments,

      I totally agree with your comment, but being a true conservative I couldn't help trying to appeal to the othersides deeply Consealed sense of right and wrong. I forgot that liberalism is a mental disease. I guess you could say I had a Rodney King moment.

    • profile image 5 years ago from upstate, NY

      " Not one call was made to Bill Maher or David Letterman demanding an apology. No pressure was asserted on sponsors to pull their sponsorship from the Bill Maher and David Letterman show."

      This is an excellent point, how can you reasonably claim that there is no double standard? Another dirty little secret, is the absence of intellectual honesty and intolerance of the liberals! What passes for news is more accurately discribed as indoctrination!

      I'm sceptical of the notion of working with liberals for the betterment of America. First of all, the only time they ask to work together is when they're in power, second- they want to defeat us not work with us, third- Thier vision for American is is direct opposition to the vision in the Constitution.