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Updated on February 25, 2012

When will it end.

The idea that there is quite a struggle in the Republican Party is not new, as the two front runners in the party's nomination race are tangled in a fierce fight to win Tuesday's primaries in Arizona and Michigan.

Both campaigns are blaming each other for false attacks, and it is becoming harder and harder still to tell the actual difference between the two candidates, whether they are not "cut from the same cloth"; that neither of them is really willing to tell the truth about himself.

Nevertheless, Santorum is gaining traction in Michigan, because Romney is not seen as the "hometown" boy, who will help the state. He has supported the bailout on Wall Street, but he refused to back the motor industry to save it from declaring bankruptcy.

General Motors and Chrysler will be in that situation now, but for the Obama stimulus package; and so, registered voters, both Republicans and independents, will vote against Romney, if they have the chance.

"An American Research Group poll released Thursday shows 38% of likely Michigan GOP primary voters backing Santorum, and 34% supporting Romney --- " (CNN, 02/25/12).

Meaning, despite the heavy backing of the PACs (Political Action Committees) for Romney, he is still trailing behind Santorum in a state, where he (Romney) is supposed to have been raised.

Gingrich and Paul are also dueling gruelingly "off center" or "on the outside" to catch up with the two front runners; and so the battle continues to rage in the Republican Party, as to who will actually be its choice to face off with President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election this coming Fall.

Somehow, Obama's approval rating is on the rise, in spite of oil and gas prices skyrocketing. Motorists and small businesses are hurting; and that in itself is not good for the country's slow economy and high unemployment rate.

However, the spike in oil prices is coming from Iran for cutting production, in view of the economic sanctions being imposed on that country by the United States and its allies in the United Nations.

Iran has been isolated for its nuclear program, and as a reprisal, it is using oil to justify its actions against the West. As a result, crude oil price is jumping up on a daily basis.

Back on the political front, Gingrich is being critical of Obama for apologizing to Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan, for the burning of the Quran by U.S. and allied military personnel.

Obama has done so to stave off the disturbances, after that incident, in which two American soldiers have been slain in Afghanistan.

Therefore, many will agree that some kind of gesture, in the form of an apology will be a fair deal between the two nations, who have a common interest in maintaining peace in that volatile region of the world.

Yet, the tense situation between Santorum and Romney continues, in spite of everything, and it seems that it will remain so until one of the two (or someone else besides the four candidates running in the Republican race) wins the party's nominations.

Meanwhile, the rest of nation can only wait for the outcome of the ensuing fight in the Grand Old Party.


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