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Updated on September 18, 2014

Demonstrate honest critique.

Friend, I can write better

than you. I wish to prove

that, and for the last time,

don't be snobbish and

really read my work before

you critique. I mean to say,

fully R-E-A-D it.

The recent Ode I wrote

fetched first prize, and that

reined in more than what

I needed for my rent.

Besides, the publisher sent

me a note, asking, if I could

pen another like that.

I responded by saying that

writing was my passion,

and poetry was my life.

He should look forward in

receiving something from

me any day now, sweeter

than the previous.

Why do you say awful things

about other people's writings?

Do you do so out of envy; or

you always want to show your

bad side to others. My advise is,

stop doing that, because they will

loathe everything from you too.

Needless to remark that I am

sending you this, due to the outrage

I feel; and so, instead of a short

epistle, I have to decide and put

it in the form of a poem, so that

it will drive through your senses,

telling you how senseless you are.

Nevertheless, I will still call you

"Friend", because we will still

remain so, as you love the art

(of writing) as much as I do.

However, don't refrain from

criticizing me, but do so nicely

to show you are a true buddy.



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