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"A Failed President"

Updated on March 31, 2012

A Failed President with no sense of his Failure

I sit here with my head in my hands, wondering what in the world has happened to our country. I wonder why I find myself stressed out when it comes time each month to pay my monthly bills. It seems that these stressed out feeling have become the norm in this day and age. Retirement is certainly nothing like I had pictured it.

I retired in 2006 after having an accident. Admittedly I was not ready yet to retire. Now after three spine surgeries I know that I'll never be able to work in my chosen field again. I sold my business in 2007. I kept a small part of that business dealing with the certification of back flow devices. I have kept up my certification and have been testing and certifying back flow devices. This has kept me busy, and involved in my industry.

I thought that when I retired I would still be able to do a little work on a part time basis; and that along with whatever assets I had accumulated I felt that my wife and I would be able to get along just fine. I never expected the Obama Administration and the financial crash we're suffering from now. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I didn't have that small part of my business to work at on a part time basis. What do people do that are not as fortunate as I have been?

I find myself every waking hour feeling anxious and stressed out just waiting for the bottom to fall out of the countries finances; a total melt down. Every time I see Mr. Obama on TV talking about one of these too big to fail companies, health care or just the strength of the dollar, I cringe inside knowing that his administration is busy printing more money as they are on their way to another apology session somewhere in the world. Every hour of this president's first term has been so stressful to me that his time in office feels like he's been president for two terms already

The Obama Administration has been forcing their agenda on the American people at every opportunity while at the same time dividing the Democrats and Republicans until at this point our government is dysfunctional. The Senate hasn't had a budget for the last three years, a blatant none adherence of Senate rules. The house Republicans write and pass bills that will never be passed because they're dead on arrival to the Senate. Now it's time to either reelect the President and his administration, or remove them from office.

The President is a Failure

The President is a failure, and he can't run on his record. His accomplishments are failed attempts at a socialist agenda even in the face of the fact that socialism has never been a success anytime it has been tried in the past. The only chance Mr. Obama has of getting reelected is fading day by day as gas prices sore and the everyday cost of keeping your family feed and housed keeps rising as our dollar starts inflating.

Mr. Obama is counting on his speaking abilities, he thinks he's the pied piper. I hope that America has been awakened by the stark differences in the country now compared to just four years ago.

No matter what you call yourself, Democrat, Republican or Independent the most important thing to keep on your mind is the Economy and nothing but the Economy. I urge you to vote for the survival of this Republic The United States Of America.


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    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago

      thanks for your comment. I think we exchanged ideas before and i can see nothing has changed. We wil have to respectfully agree to disagree. Sorry it took me so long to get back to to but i had a death in the family and had a lot of business to take care of.

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago

      thanks for your comment. I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you but i've been busy with family stuff.

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 6 years ago


      I'm glad that you think investers should get a bigger piece of the pie. The problem with most people is that they really don't know how the pie is slit up. Overhead is a hungry monster that wants to be feed constantly.

      I'm not sure that your terminolgy is respectful of the Owner, boss, Ceo, manager. Head Honcho? Sometimes the lack of respect is reflected in language and sometimes respect is a two way street. Once respect has been established from employee to supervisor to employee, it comes back in the form of a bigger piece of the pie.

      Goldman Sachs is a different animal and most of the time their customers seek them out and give them their money to invest based on a track record of good return. I invest what little I have with another brokerage company and feel that they have more than satisfied my needs. I am very conservative in my investments, but I am exposed and have lost from time to time. My point is that Goldmans customers seek them out, and know there is a risk. What they pay their managers is sinful, a nice gig if you can get it. After what's happened to the economy since 2009 I'm not sure these guys will continue to get bonuse's like they have in the past.

      As far as corporations shipping jobs overseas, that's not their fault. Since the invention of the EPA manufacturing jobs have all but disappeared in the US. Regulations and environmental nightmares have made it much to expensive to manufacture and still be competitive in a world market. With the right man in the presidency we may find a way to be more competitive, I hope so anyway.

      I'm running out of time here. I really think you should try to put yourself in the shoe's of those who are running the evil corporations maybe talk to a few of them and see where their coming from. you might be surprised. There are more views out in the world than you might think or expect, but you must open your mind so that you see from the vantage point of others. Then compare what you learn with what you've been taught. Maybe you'll learn something new.

    • cprice75 profile image

      cprice75 6 years ago from USA

      I've been in the real world before going back to school. I currently work three jobs, counting my work at school. I've worked in private, government, and non-profit jobs over the past 20 years. People should definitely get a return on their investment, but they should also take care of those who provide the profits, i.e., if the pie gets bigger, all who contribute should get a bigger piece, rather than just the head honchos.

      That's cool that you took care of your people and recognize that the people who worked for you deserved a check. I have no problem with people that do that. I hope they are massively successful and that massive corporations learn something from them. My guess is that you actually knew the people who worked for you, so you had a vested interest in their welfare. Mega-corporations tend to look at workers as numbers, not people. What I do have a problem with are companies like Goldman-Sachs who want to gamble with other people's money and then get bailed out. They laid off thousands of people and then give their CEO a fat multi-million dollar bonus for nearly bankrupting the company. In the real world, those people get canned. I also have a problem with producers shipping jobs overseas (not service industries, but manufacturing) so that they don't have to pay people, while simultaneously complaining that people without a job are getting too much. Many of these people who were laid off have families and mortgages. Minimum wage for 20 hours a week will barely pay for food. These folks are sending their capital elsewhere while cutting the tax base of the US. That's not patriotism, yet the US military is all over the world to protect them, digging up ever more debt.

      I'm not exactly a part of the OWS deal, but I'm definitely not part of the 1% at the top of the chain. I think unions are a necessary evil. I'm pro small business, but corporations usually aren't because they cut into market share.

      I am concerned with the direction the US is headed. Mega-corps run everything. They pay for every election--Democrat or Republican. Think of what they could pay their workers with the billions they spend on ads to get policies they want. They want to pay no taxes, yet they benefit immensely from American infrastructure. They get supported by the US military all over the world. That's socialism: they want to privatize their profits and socialize their risks. They seem to want to shift the tax burden down the line to the people making $7.25/hour. If tax cuts created jobs, we should have full employment right now, as taxes as a percent of GDP are way lower than they've been in a long time. Obama's actually cut taxes on his own for the little people. I don't think it's in the national interest. Cutting taxes can only go so far. A 0% tax would be anarchy, not a utopia. I'd favor going back to the Clinton tax code, when there was a surplus and the debt was being paid down. I've heard more than one person running recently saying they wanted to do away with minimum wage. A couple wanted to do away with child labor laws. Have we learned nothing over the past 100 years? That's where I'm coming from. People should work, but there has to be work for them to do, and they should actually get paid for their work. Socialism doesn't work too well, but there has to be a limitation on extreme greed.

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 6 years ago


      I don't think you read my article with an open mind. It seems to me that you only wanted to use it as soap box for your own agenda. You're upset with those "Wall Street Guys" You really think that CEOs and business owners just play golf all day and then on their way home from the golf course run by their businesses and scoop up all the profits.

      I see that you're a full time student. How long do you propose to stay in school? The real world is a little bit different than advertized in college.

      I spent 35 years in the Plumbing and Heating business and believe me I didn't play golf everyday. There were many times that to make payroll I had to take from my savings or even get a loan from the bank so that my employees would get the check they so well deserved.

      You seem to think that those who invest their hard earned savings into the market are leeches, not deserving of any return for their investment. If it weren't for investment of savings most businesses wouldn't be able to hire the people that work for them.

      I really can't believe you think that investors are not doing anything as the risk their finances. This really shows that you need to find a job and learn about the real world, you know the one that's off campus.

      I just have a question for you. Are you apart of Occupy, you know the 99.%

    • valleyforge84 profile image

      valleyforge84 6 years ago

      Great hub. Voted up.

    • cprice75 profile image

      cprice75 6 years ago from USA

      If taking from those who labor and giving to those who labor is socialism, then most Wall Street guys and CEOs would qualify as the worst socialists of all. They tell other people to work while they play golf and get all of the profits. What about those who just invest money all day? They don't actually produce anything, yet they get ahead while the people who actually do the work get less and less of the pie. Is sharing with the disabled necessarily wrong? According to your definition, it's socialism. What about children? I have two, and they contribute nothing to the pot, yet I take care of them. That's not necessarily encouraging them not to work when they get older. What about old folks? They don't work, but they get a part of the pie. They should starve because they don't work, right? What about stay-at-home moms? They don't work for a living, so since they don't work for the pot, they don't deserve a part of it. So, when about 750,000 jobs were getting bled from the economy each month, helping these people out was socialism? When these jobs get outsourced to China, too bad for those who lost their living while the only jobs left are minimum wage part-time work that won't pay the bills.

      Most people look back at the late 1940s and 1950s as the greatest period in American history. The highest marginal rate on the income tax was at 90% for millionaires. There was also near full employment because it didn't pay to lay off people to enrich one's self. From your definition, Truman and Eisenhower were way more socialistic than Obama. Without a doubt, America was pretty successful at that time. Families could have a good life with one income. That was the American dream. But those people were too concerned with the good of others and their country. We need to go back to the '70s--the 1870s. Child labor, 80-hour work weeks, and absolutely no social safety nets. Social Darwinism at its best there with absolutely not a whiff of socialism.

      By the way, most people consider socialism the government (or collective) ownership of the means of production.

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 6 years ago

      Thank you for your comment.

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 6 years ago

      Socialism, a system that takes from those who labor and shares with those that didn't. Sharing from the same pot even if you didn't contribute. Socialism also results in taking the incentive to labor to better ones self. Somehow I think you knew the ansewer to your question.

    • cprice75 profile image

      cprice75 6 years ago from USA

      What exactly do you mean by socialism? People seem to throw the word around, but never define it.

    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 6 years ago from California

      Great hub.The sad truth


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