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A Few Peculiarities Regarding the British Far Right

Updated on July 21, 2012

Britain is host to a multitude of far-right organisations, from the National Front to the English Defence League, The British National Party to the Orange Lodge. Put to the work of the Bourgeoisie their membership draws from the cretinous Lumpenproletariat, an unemployable master race. To coin an Americanism: they are white trash.

Like the far right of other countries their politics are defined by hatred, psyche by paranoia and tactics by intimidation. This will not be earth shattering news.

Intelligence is one characteristic that is not familiar to them but is something truly alien. For instance, the British National Party is a national party of a state, not a nation. Britain is a multinational state, a state made up of nations: England, Scotland and Wales. What is next, a national party of the European Union?

Another peculiarity of the far right is their love affair with Adolf Hitler. Yes, these patriots of Britain admire Britain’s would-be conqueror. Yet all that rivals their love of Nazism is their hatred of Islam, occasionally veiled as political Islam. But as they think Islam is a threat aiming to dominate Britain then the far-right ought to become Muslims themselves. After all they love Hitler so much and he really did try to dominate Britain and thousands of Brits paid with their lives.

Out of their hatred of all things Islamic springs a modern peculiarity: support for Israel, So not only are they British Hitlerites, they are Zionist British Hitlerites. This has manifested itself in Glasgow in the shape of intimidation and attacks on stalls manned by local elderly women campaigning for Palestinian human rights, and even the flying of the Star of David at Ibrox Park and far right rallies.

Other left wing activists have also came in for intimidation. Verbal abuse, threats and being spat at by the fascists is not uncommon. But when anti-fascists surround their pitiful attempts at rallies or street work, they take to the internet and cry incoherently about being persecuted by the left. Communists, trade unionists and socialists are supposedly anti-white, despite being overwhelmingly white.

I almost left out another group hated by the far right: the Irish. The EDL have recently announced an “anti IRA” event in Liverpool. This is really just an attack on the relatively large Irish community in Liverpool. Yet the Queen recently shook hands with Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness, and what is more British than the Queen? Is their event not anti-British, are they not essentially protesting against Her Majesty’s actions? The traitors!

Nazi thugs harass Star sellers

Return of anti-Irish prejudice in Britain


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    • profile image

      Marky 5 years ago

      The people who're having to deal with the missiles on their buildings don't want it there. Yet the court ruled against them. Some democracy.

      At least we'll always agree on the right being complete idiots Joe :)

      Nazis flying the star of david, eejits ahahaa

    • profile image

      Eli Moore 5 years ago

      And even with the Labor Party--supposedly a moderate form of leftism--you need missiles to guard the Olympics.

    • profile image

      Eli Moore 5 years ago

      Hey Comrade Joe, how do you like those missile launchers on top of your gated community buildings? You must feel like a real touch guy, being a rebel for the establishment--especially since your right-wing opponents don't even have the fundamental right to free speech. Right on! You bash those marginal political parties!

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 5 years ago from variable

      Zionist British Hitlerites huh? The stupidity of the close minded really knows no bounds and is apparently completely without a sense of irony.

      Great hub as ever, voted up etc.