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A First For America

Updated on February 20, 2011

A First For America

Anyone who reads my blogs, be it here or elsewhere, knows where I stand on certain issues and my particular biases… it is even spelled out in my Hub profile. Today, something significant happened, especially for those of us who are Traditional Christians. For the first time, in our storied history, an American President is considering being a signatory to a United Nations’ Resolution, which condemns Israel for building settlements on supposedly Arab lands. You know of my bias from previous blogs because I have not and will never refer to these disputed territories as the West Bank, but only by the names that God gave them – Judea and Samaria. Israel is the only land boundary that God sanctioned when he gave it to Abraham for the Jewish people. Permit me to digress, but It is must be noted that many of the Western States were owned by Spain/Mexico, and perhaps, the Mexicans should tell our secular messiah president to cede those territories back to the former fief-lords.

Am I to think that when I see the Orthodox Jews bowing in reverence at the partially, dilapidated Herod’s Temple… that it was built in 1948 when the Balfour Declaration came to fruition? In addition, when Archaeologists digged and found artifacts from the Jewish era – the Arabs have since done away with these digs because these finds gave credence to the Jewish claim to Israel - aren’t these finds empirical evidence to the Jews’ claim? I must confess that I needed no such ‘empirical’ evidence… but my Bible which gives assent to the Jews legitimate claims to Israel, and moreover, Jerusalem. To those of us who are Traditional Christians, something grave took place today and the consequences are dire for our country. I do not expect many to understand what I am saying because the Gospel is foolishness to them…. The Apostle Paul said that the Pharaoh of Moses’ time – curse with having a hardened heart - was born for God to display his awesome power; I hope that President Obama is not a latter day Pharaoh.

Since time immemorial, man has tried to destroy the Jews and they have come up short. We are admonished from Genesis to Revelation that God will bless those who bless the Jews and will curse those who curse the Jews (Genesis 12:3). Ponder these rhetorical questions: have you ever wondered why such a small group of people… who have been persecuted so much have persevered and have been blessed with superior mental faculties and the attendant riches (due to God’s covenant with Abraham); have you wondered why the tiny country of Israel always seems to draw the other countries into taking sides; and have you wondered why, in the modern era, Israel has never lost a war. The world will again try to destroy the Jews one more time… as foretold in the books of Ezekiel and Revelation, but that too will fail! I, along with many Traditional Christians, mark this day as one of infamy, but again, to many of us, we are not surprised by what President Obama has done and is contemplating doing.


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