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Updated on May 2, 2011

America, America....

The U.S. counterterrorism operations that took place in a compound near Islamabad, the capital (city) of Pakistan, should be commended for its precision and timing.

The secrecy surrounding its action, put in place by the Obama administration, the CIA and other security branches, showed that covert plans were safer now than ever before, in that they were protected and securely kept under wraps until they were ready to be executed.

Not long ago, communication channels between the special forces were tenuous and laxed so much so that, the media and other information outlets could leak vital information to endanger some of the most critical and crucial actions planned to keep America safe, particularly, from terrorism.

9/11 should not have happened, but it did; and as a result, the complacency that existed after the first WTC bombing would have developed into a complete available vacuum for news vendors of all types. 

Nevertheless, thanks to the Bush government, a situation which could have been taken advantage of by high level news reporters and correspondents, was averted. 

It (Sept. 11) was a wake up call for America to be more vigilant of its security and to properly safeguard its interests both at home and abroad; and so, there have been no attacks since then. Yet, the underwear Christmas bomber and other attempts were reminders that there were those who would still do harm to America, if given the chance.

It was such a momentous occasion last night , when President Obama announced from the White House that the chief protagonist and perpetrator of the most heinous crime on the American mainland was dead.

Osama Bin Laden, the atrocious leader of Al Qaeda has finally bitten the dust.

Americans were able to breathe a sigh of relief, after ten years of empty anticipation of his capture and trial for his part in that ominous and despicable terrorists act on the morning, when they saw the twin towers of the erstwhile World Trade Center, toppling down like decks of cards, and taking with them almost 3000 innocent lives to their untimely deaths. A horrible scene that would live in the minds of people all over the world.

For a moment, the news broadcast from CNN became unbelievable; and then people jumped out of their beds and began to rejoice and shout for joy. Others must have, obviously, cried their eyes out, as their hearts continued to bleed for family members who perished.

Even so, jubilation has come to America at last, for millions of people who have waited too long for this day to arrive, and therefore they should celebrate (it); in Washington, in New York, in Boston; and all across the nation, young men and women leaped in the air from sheer ecstasy.

It was propitious, for the day has come soon after, and at heels of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in London; and the beatification of Pope John Paul 2 in Rome. Both of them were ceremonial for most people. What a great timing; what a good omen for the whole world at large, that U.S. Forces have killed Osama Bin Laden.


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