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Updated on November 11, 2011

By the Grand Old Party.

Just as the United States could not afford another failure like the one that caused it to lose its credit standing a short while ago, there was a Super Committee of Congressional members, set up to deal with the deficit, soon after the hot debates over the debt ceiling and deficit reduction last Summer, which seemed to be heading in the same direction of failure.

The terms of reference of the special committee was to find ways and means to reduce the deficit by $1.2 trillion dollars before a specific date, Nov. 23rd., 2011; but it has, or about to, run into the same argument, that tax increases should be off the table, and only the entitlement programs, namely, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; as will as the military budget, should shoulder the cuts.

The Congressional Republican Party membership has always maintained that tax increases killed job creation, particularly, in an economic recession as the one the country was now going through, while their counterparts in the Democratic Party believed that the brunt of any substantial deficit reduction would fall on the entitlement programs, and therefore, they would not allow that to happen.

Seniors, in many cases, would have to delve into their meager benefits to supplement their health care needs; the poor and the disadvantaged would suffer needlessly, if the entitlement programs were disemboweled in any way, shape or form.

Defense Secretary Leon Penatta has also given notice to the Super Committee that a clause in its terms of reference, which would trigger an automatic reduction across the board, if a decision was not reached at a specified date, should not be permitted to occur. It would devastate the military budget, and that in turn would affect National security in a negative way.

So, the situation for the Super Committee, and the nation, of course, remained pretty dire, until the GOP, which was the same as the main Republican Party, came up with an initiative to help avert a crisis. However, party members were not in collaboration with the idea.

"Republicans are facing resistance from their own party on the GOP proposal — which calls for $600 billion in revenue, something that some conservatives are calling a tax increase." (Politico, 11/11/11).

What? That would easily solve the problem at hand, and so, why the opposition? It should be accepted by the Super Committee without delay; and the Democratic members on the panel should permit the entitlement programs to be trimmed to meet the GOP's idea half way.

That would give the committee a chance to survive, and even the opportunity to succeed in reaching the targeted deficit reduction goal ($1.2 trillion).

It was now within the power of the committee to relieve the country of the anxiety it was experiencing, with respect to another failure as before; and also if it accepted the offer, its assignment would successfully have been completed. Was it not what the nation wanted?

Under the circumstances, all the praise should go to the Grand Old Party for putting the country first, and for pushing a grand and noble idea to save America from a very bad situation.

America appreciates it. It is now for the Democratic Party to respond in kind.


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