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Updated on August 23, 2010

A mosque for each site.

Would it not be a great idea, if mosques were erected on each site, where the 9/11 attack planes hit? One at the Pentagon; another in a field in Pennsylvania, where the United Airlines Flight 93  plane crashed, and one near Ground Zero?

That would demonstrably show how the U.S. honored religious tolerance, even though, we all knew who was responsible for the killing of several thousands of Americans on that heinous day. However, that should not be the mainstay of the argument about whether the proposed mosque near Ground Zero should be permitted or not.

Just as anyone could worship anywhere in America, Muslims have every right to pitch a tent in any space that they could legally purchase and decide to put to any use of their own choosing.

The only thing that people were objecting to was that, building a mosque near Ground Zero would be too close for comfort; knowing fully well that the 9/11 atrocity was committed by Muslims.

Whether they were fanatics or not, they were still Muslims; and nobody could gainsay the fact  that the attacks were deliberate. Therefore, the mosque must be found a new place. That would be another great idea, which could generate support for those who wanted to see a multi-million dollar mosque built in the City of New York. There would be no animosity towards any one particular religious sect, as some people were suggesting. There would rather be peace among all concerned.

Besides, could such a plan be tolerated anywhere else in the world?  


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