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A Gold Plated Humanity

Updated on October 5, 2009


   It will be written in the history of America, that in the early days of the great depression of the 21st century. There were four social classes. Not defined by wealth but by their individually perceived value to society.

On the bottom rung of this ladder are the Have Nots. Perceiving themselves as the victim of society. They have desire but have replaced ambition with entitlement. (I can't succeed the world is against me) so give it to me!

   Next up are the Haves But Lost It. The depressed economy took this groups future expectations away. Their desire is for a return to their past success. Their ambition is punctuated by violent striking out at those perceived to be above or below them on the ladder of success. Contrary to popular belief , this is not the group seen in mass at town halls and tea parties. They can't afford it!

   The next group The Haves can actually be divided into two sub groups The Haves Hanging On(mostly government employees and related support industries)and The Haves comfortable(mostly elected office holders). The government – federal, state, and local is the largest employer in America. “Try this” Go to a town hall or tea party and talk to people. You will find most belong to the Haves Hanging On group. Worried if the Haves Comfortable group will keep funding their jobs or retirement.

   A good example of the Haves Comfortable group and what I term Gold Plated is – Our First Lady volunteered at a D.C. food bank, But showed up wearing $540 french athletic shoes. The sole is shiny on the outside but does it go clear to the heart? Remember this Chinese proverb (Give a man a fish, feed him for a day – Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime).

   The last group is easy to recognize by their American accent. Because they are everywhere in the world but here. You See! They left when the Haves Comfortable group demanded more because they squandered what they had.

   “Here's To You” the Successful and Old Money group. You got out and can watch from afar as the American dream becomes a nightmare for many and gold plated for a few.

Just Remember – gold plate eventually wears off revealing the cheap metal underneath. Is your heart gold clear through or just shiny on the outside?


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    • Brenda L Scully profile image

      Brenda Lorraine Scully 4 years ago from Ireland

      interesting read, will be reading more.

    • BloodRedPen profile image

      BloodRedPen 8 years ago

      MFB111 Thank you for your comment. Its good to wax philosophical. It maintains a degree of opimism. If a writer spends to much time on the darkside of reality their sole dies.

    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 8 years ago from United States

      So many haves make up a whole, Like Ross Perot's pieces of the pie, many sections have consumed the sweetness of life, and are left with the crumbs, Others ration the cuts they recieve, and are left wanting, while the fortunate ones simply buy the bakeries and hire the less fortunate to produce what they savor from the sweetest treats of've got me waxing philosphical, excuse me while I dress my slice of life with some A la mode.~~

      MFB III