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A Great Social Injustice-Time to Fight Back

Updated on June 13, 2015

In life we all take our chances and hope we never fail in our relationship to build a better life. If things go sour however, your greatest nightmares could very well come true. You will soon experience the greatest injustice system in America.

I could write a book on how to legally harass your significant other and if you our male you do not stand a chance. Its estimated that 70 percent of restraining orders are false and 50 percent of all restraining orders have no proof of abuse. You can be legally harassed all hours of the day, kicked out of your home as your property is taken and never see your children. It does not even matter if the person lives there or not and if your a male and have your own children it does not matter in many cases.

From here it only gets worst and if you have a child you have now become a prisoner of the State of where ever you live. It is estimated that 85percent of men pay child support and 75 percent of women never pay. They decide how much money both parties make and then determine a percentage. The percentage system is criminal beyond belief. Most court systems can set your child support anyway they want but they have a formula that can include any cost for whatever to begin with. The percentage system is deeply flawed and 30 percent of non-custodial parents see their standard of living decrease. Here is a list of reasons why it is deeply flawed.

The custodial parent has no incentive to grant, provide or follow the court system to provide visitation to the non-custodial parent. These two issues are completely separated and serve to both defeat the non-custodial parent.

There is no limit or determination on what a child needs in terms of money. The custodial parent could not work at all and if you made a million dollars a year the court can take as much as they want. The custodial parent is not even required to spend this money on the child and any additional money added such as day care does not even have to be spent on said additional cost.

The financial bias towards men and anyone they desire to punish makes court a very risky situation but if you do not appear its just as bad. The financial obligations serve to prevent the non-custodial parent from any representation and any hope of visitation or custody.

If you our the non-custodial parent the less you make and any debt is actually a plus and the system destroys all incentive to improve the financial future of both parties. Everyone agrees that any child needs some support but in most cases the non-custodial parent faces a 18 month window where the persons financial future is always in doubt and any future of having another family or life is constantly threatened.

It is estimated that 50 percent of men do not even see their children. After fighting the legal harassment and months later you have officially abandoned your children in the lying eyes of the court system. They consider you as someone who has never even known them and all lies will be considered true against the non-custodial parent, especially men.

The court system will highly recommend that you get an attorney and in many cases you will need one but I would tell you not to waste your time. This is where the other court system will decide to increase your child support to make sure that you can never afford it. During this time you will probably be doing 4 supervised visits, 4 unsupervised visits, 4 overnights consecutively. For three months they will be wearing you down with endless court dates, two sets of Judges if your child support is in question. Counseling sessions are also part of the plan and your family if you have one is not going to see you for some time.

The court system has no limitations on what they can impose on anyone and what they do have is far out of date of the current economy. Everything financial is up for grabs to include disability for disabled Veterans. The system serves to punish men, to force them into financial servitude and to insure no man has any rights to his children. Men you have no rights and do not believe for one minute that you do.

Men who our custodial parents are best off never asking for child support. If the women no matter terrible she is happens to be in the court room your odds of winning are very remote. In most cases the woman will go on to have another child and will never pay anything compared to any male.

The system is deeply flawed and is absolutely bias towards men. The fact that there is no monetary limits within reason destroys all incentives for anyone to want to go on living. In Europe violent men's rights groups are emerging and in America I would join one, what is there to lose? The untold story of hundreds of men who lost their minds and did the unthinkable is a great tragedy. It happens everyday in America and no one hears the true story and the apathy is disheartening. They say its all for the children but in reality it insures that millions of children will never see their father and he is most likely to remember fathers day as the beginning of his jail sentence. He was always innocent and only guilty of bringing another human being into this world.

I have focused this article mainly on men but their our a minority of women being punished by this system as well. Losing all your rights to see your children for no reason at all is like attending a funeral. They have no idea how far a father will go to make a point and if all men would fight for their rights to even live, who would stop us?


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