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Updated on December 3, 2014


I've watched the Brown/Ferguson case, I watched the New York case, I agree with the Ferguson grand jury, and I disagree with New York. The Ferguson case was a black thug making bad decisions that lead to his demise. The New York case is a different thing altogether, it was a police officer acting as a tax enforcement representative of the government. This has nothing to do race it is to do with a police state. If the police can arrest you for nonpayment of taxes as what was going on in New York, and this was the premise of the arrest in the first place, he was selling non taxed cigarettes, then we get back to the argument of state collection of taxes over public safety. This is the reason why we have drug laws in the first place.

Look at what this has got us. We have overcrowded prisons because of non violent drug offenders. We are prosecuting people for the same things that Elliot Ness was prosecuting them for in the prohibition era. Why did Al Capone go to prison? It wasn't for murder or the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre, it was for Tax evasion. My comments are strictly based on the fact that, when we try to enforce a law against human nature it is a crime against human nature to enforce what we are prone to do by nature. You cannot dictate or make laws against the human urge to do things by imposing taxes to deter the urge to do anything.

Since the recorded record of mankind there has always been three things, Prostitution, weather male or female, it has always been here and it always will be. There will never be a law or tax that will eliminate the practice.

Alcohol, there was the need for a man to escape it's cruel reality. It is easy to forget that mankind has not always had TV's and Radio, we had to sleep with thoughts that war was just over the horizon or starvation was when your property was confiscated by the victor or government or when a drought hit. Oh by the way climate change has been going on since the formation of the earth, man has nothing to do with it.

Drugs were not a crime until the government couldn't figure out how to tax it. Until 1937 in the US, Marijuana was not illegal; it was made law to try to deter the Hispanic influx into the American southwest and the culture that came with them. Marijuana was a part of the culture in the Hispanic community and movies were made to influence law makers to pass laws to make it a schedule 1 substance, on the same level as Heroin and Cocaine. Movies and propaganda were shown to the American public that showed people on Marijuana making dark people rape white women or committing crimes against white people were the factoring reason to make it illegal. So now you know, this is not in the history books that we read or our children were exposed to.

Now, here we are nearly 80 years later, overcrowded prisons, letting illegal immigrants into the country by Presidential fiat from the first bi-racial president, (just in case you didn’t know he is half white) and the majority of federal prisons are ran by gangs, not the Warden or the state.

Let’s look at what has happened in the past couple of years and the evidence that we have that the archaic drug laws were based on. Colorado passed new laws to legalize small possession of Marijuana without criminal penalty. What happened? The hard core right radio host, Limbaugh, Hannity and Herman Cain who warned about the slip of human ability to govern their own actions has been disproven by the lack of conversation on their radio shows about the consequences since the law was passed.

The moral outrage didn’t materialize, there wasn’t a rush to the pot store for the population to get stoned, fact is, and you never hear anything on the news about it at all. It has all but disappeared from the news now anywhere; it didn’t become the problem that the fear mongers wanted it to be. This is the same thing that happened when we ended the prohibition on alcohol, when women marched in the street to demand that the law not be changed because it would lead to spouse abuse and laziness. What happened? When the law went away, so did a majority of the crime related to boot legging and the associated street crime. What did happen was the biggest economic boom the US has ever seen.

Now, here we are now. Full circle from beginning to end, we have almost a version of anarchy. The young, black and white are fed up with the police state that is trying to control every aspect of our everyday life. The Ferguson case wasn’t a real rallying point that was worth fighting for, Brown was a teenage thug, he was big, he was a bully and he paid the ultimate price for his bad decisions.

The New York case is a new thing. This something that a lot of reasonable people see a real problem, cop acting as tax collectors for a state that has made a legal substance, (Tobacco cigarettes) being sold without a state tax stamp a crime enforced by the police vs the revenue collection department of the state or the Federal IRS.

I don’t know what is next, but I hope that the President can see what is happening and will step in this fight to recognize it for what it is. The Govern vs the Governed. The state has over stepped it bounds in so many way that a rebellion by the people is not only warranted, but the founding fathers recommended it, to protect the freedom of the people from a tyrannical government.

IT may be time.


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