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A Hillary-Bernie Ticket Is Unbeatable

Updated on March 14, 2016

A Hillary-Bernie ticket is impossible to beat irrespective of the strategy adopted by the Republican Party. It is what everyone would probably refer to later as the dream ticket; historians would most likely use the expression "the dream team". Okay! Maybe a different term would be used; nevertheless, it would be unbeatable.

There is no such thing as an unbeatable person or unbeatable team, right? That was probably true - still is - unless one refers to the 2016 presidential elections.

As of this writing, there are many variables which make it difficult if not impossible for any pundit - political expert, analyst or strategist - to conclude with the slightest degree of certainty who will be the Democrat nominee and/or who will clinch the nomination in the Republican Party.

In the Democrat camp, it is more or less settled; any group of primaries (such as the March 15) can tilt the balance in favor of Hillary or keep the challenge going such was the case when Bernie Sanders landed a surprising victory in the state of Michigan in the March 8 primaries, an outcome which got most to question the accuracy of polls (Mrs. Clinton was leading Senator Sanders by double digit up to the primary day in the state).

In the Republican camp, matters are not black and white; at this point, any candidate other than Donald Trump would have already been coronated as the Republican nominee and the others would be pressured to get out of the race.
Ironically, even the candidate - John Kasich - most unlikely to win any state beyond Ohio where he is the Governor is very bullish about his prospect to become the Republican nominee. Needless to point out the difficulty figuring out which Republican candidate the Democrat nominee will have to face off in the general elections; there is a very likely possibility that the Republican Party may even fracture into two at the Republican convention.

Such a grim outcome in the Republican side makes the general elections outcome all the more uncertain. However, the Democrats do hold the winning hand, a Hillary-Bernie ticket irrespective of the outcome on the Republican side.

Hillary is the most experienced of all the candidates seeking to occupy the Oval Office but she is also perceived as being heavily disfavored - she is only slightly better than Donald Trump - Bernie on the other hand has a very high favorable rating and an army of loyal supporters. With the Republican Party unable to settle its internal dispute, the Hillary-Bernie ticket is not just unbeatable in the general elections but it is also a very balanced team which would benefit the country greatly.

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    • Peoplebranch profile image

      Mike Ducheine 2 years ago from New York, NY

      You preceded the comments with {{Your dream is my nightmare}}. I want to set the record straight: I am not associated with either political party, I am not a supporter of either political party. If you are subscribed to my blog (, you'd notice that my opinions are strictly based on research; you would also notice something else, that I am way ahead of any pundit when it comes to the outcomes in the primaries for both the Republican and the Democrat Partys.

      Having said all that, I do agree with the essence of your comments; in August of last year, I wrote an article (Donald Trump May Be The Savior Our Political Systems Need) even before the first primaries (the Iowa caucus) was even in sight; here is the link to the article:

      The gist of the article is to show that Donald Trump obnoxiousness will help "shake things up" within the political process, and it has.

      As of this writing, there is a feverish debate about the need for a "third party" which may be good for the country, for the political process.

      Most concerned citizens (such as yourself) are already fed up with the way things are; be it Democrat or Republican, nothing is done. So, a third party may help the process; it may not be a bad thing after all. Once again, I was right to suggest that Donald Trump is actually good for the political process.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      Your dream is my nightmare.

      If either one gets in, it wouldn't change the severity of that nightmare.

      Neither party has had the solutions and both parties have contributed to the decline of the US since the 70s.

      The country is still in a decline, after stopping to implode the economy in 2008.

      As long as people keep treating Congress and the presidency as a local sports team, the country will continue its slide.

      The root cause is the loyal party voter, followed by their party.

      Seriously, are these the best candidates from either party?

      Clinton and Sanders would be clones of Obama, and the other old white dude.

      The candidates haven't really spent much time telling about what they did in politics, what are their plans, and solutions for the problems of the country. They continue to bad mouth each other, and these distractions take away from talking about the issues.

      What issues are Clinton and or Sander going to solve as president?

      Start with the biggest one first.



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