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A HomeTown Hero

Updated on January 14, 2015

Hubber Too!

This wonderful woman was directly responsible for what could possibly turn into a major methamphetamine manufacturing bust here in Lebanon, Missouri. Phatress, better known to me as Jenn, is a woman who is known to befriend and " take in" wayward children. Jenn also helps a lot at the local Free-store. I have been friends with the "Phat" family for quite awhile. The evening this all happened, I was visiting the Phat family discussing the Skate-park project and I will share just some points that have been released. After reading this, please go to Jenn's profile and e-mail her and let her know how you feel. Big thumbs up Phatress!!.

The Story

Just a few nights ago, a teen girl whom Jenn has befriended, called Jenn with a problem; she had to be picked up fast. Jenn could hear the desperation in this young girl's words. Jenn drove immediately to the address this girl gave. No one came out of the run-down house. Jenn proceeded to lay on the horn and finally the girl came running out. At Jenn's house the girl told Jenn of horrible crimes committed against her. A group of druggies, who were making meth, were jabbing the girl with needles of the dope against her will. They were holding her hostage and probably doing other terrible crimes.

The girl had convinced them that she was supposed to babysit and she should call the person she was sitting for. They allowed her to and she called Jenn.

The report out now I have copied below: So far there is one man under arrest and I am sure there will be more. Due to Jenn's quick thinking and her love for the hurting teens in the world, there is one less methamphetamine operation in this town. This "shake and bake" way of making "crank" is more dangerous than ever before. Many kids are dying and the others are being driven "nuts" on this dope. Thank you Jenn or Phatress for your help in ridding this world of this evil drug.

I write this hub on Thanksgiving because I give thanks for Jenn and all other people like her who are here to change the world for the better!


Issued Release To Lebanon Daily Record

Police bust meth lab near Hillcrest School
LDR staff
Nov 25, 2009
A 26-year-old Lebanon man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine within 2000 feet of Hillcrest Elementary on Hoover Street, according to a Lebanon Police Department probable cause statement.

Edward Paul Knapp Jr. has been formally charged with three counts of Class C felony of possession of a chemical with the intent to create a controlled substance by the Laclede County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

According to the probable cause statement, an officer responded to an assault on a juvenile victim at St. John’s hospital in Lebanon sometime after Monday. The female victim stated that she had gone to the Hoover Street residence to visit her friend “PJ,” or Paul Knapp Jr. on Sunday. The victim stated that she was forcibly injected with methamphetamine while she was visiting. She also stated that she saw several subjects, including Knapp, manufacturing methamphetamine and that they produced three different batches and were planning on making another batch on Monday evening, according to the statement.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers went into the Hoover home on Tuesday and initially arrested Knapp’s mother and began questioning her. She told officers that Knapp had been trying to get rid of evidence of drug related activity on Tuesday, according to the statement. She also stated that she was not sure where Knapp was, but that he had gone walking around the neighborhood. The statement does not say whether the mother was taken into custody or released.

Officers located Knapp outside the residence on Dilworth Road. Officers found a plastic baggie in a cigarette pack in Knapp’s right front pocket with what was allegedly recognized as marijuana; he was visibly under the influence of drugs and-or alcohol, according to the statement.

Knapp denied any knowledge of criminal activity at the residence and generally refused to cooperate with the investigation, according to the statement.

A search of the residence revealed measuring scales, a marijuana pipe and syringe caps in Knapp’s bedroom. A search of the kitchen revealed lye and sulfuric acid. In the garage was located two cans of camping fuel and two packages of fertilizer sticks. Narcotics officers confirmed that these items are commonly used in the “shake and bake” method of manufacturing methamphetamine.

© G.L. Boudonck

© 2009 Greg Boudonck


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