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A Hopeful Hand to the Starving Children of Africa

Updated on February 25, 2012

Africa, a large mass of land that is comprised of some of the oldest cultural achievements in the world, from the Egyptians and the Great Pyramids, to the Kush Empire with a merchant trading system that spanned all the way to the Sub-Indian Continent. It is also home to some of the most exotic animals known to man, from the striped zebras and chimpanzees, to the long necked giraffes and crocodiles that hang along the water's edges.

Although the ecological system is well suited for the time being for survival in the Savannah along the north-eastern side of the continent, it is also home to violent bloodshed over small tribes along history bound borders. This has caused an overuse of the food produced in those areas, but this is only the tip of the sand dune in Africa's food shortages.

Now I must ask, very honestly, how many of you that read this are actually starving? You might be on a welfare system if at the bottom of the chain, or you could be eating from a silver spoon, but either way, you find a way to get your milk and break right? Well for those in Africa, welfare isn't an option, and they are lucky if an airdrop even occurs in their villages once a month, maybe every six months even. Many are dying at the hands of nature itself, the culprit being excessive heat waves with little or no water, cattle dying from low food intakes which also means no milk for the hungry children.

I must say with a very furious and passionate heart that I wish I could myself give the two billion needed for just Somalia alone to support themselves for the next year, but what about the following years to come, the situation there is beginnining to look very grim for all that reside among natures fury. To make matters even further among the emotionally tattered people that live there, disease has crept upon many, from the common cold to the dangerous HIV infection, everything in and around that complicating mealy because of the malnutrition that many Africans face. With their bodies unable to stave off infections, the grim reality of death quickly begins to settle in, mothers just crying from the loss of their newborn they wished could have a better life, or the animals they tried to raise falling dead, the only hope of food shattered.

Please, from the bottom of my heart and I hope everyone that reads this, there is a sense of dire need for displaying your helping hand to your fellow neighbors just over the great oceans of the world. Their growing issue should be yours as well, only because if this happened to your family, how would you want the world to respond to your call for help, for the hope of divine intervention of death itself. Do not try to hide from Africa's problems please, their refugee camps filling up with families, one in three children that tried to survive having already perished from a unforgiving fate, but one that could've been avoided with outside help.

There are already millions of caring individuals from around the world trying to do what they can to support the cause of the keepsake of human life, from the continued breaths of a small child to the smile of a grateful mother that didn't lose the love of her life. The question truly is, are you doing your part in a greater good, and if you aren't, it doesn't hurt to start today, this morning or tonight, let the world know you care. There are hundreds of donation websites you could choose from as I will provide a few here for you located at the bottom of this article, but if you can, do a little research into what kind of help truly fits your personality and charitable heart.

If you could donate, Would you?

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Now that you have read through this article, do you truly feel a need to help the world combat this unneeded problem, an issue that we as the Human Race could truly fight with the pen and sword of prosperity and compassion, a heart of highly prized morals and ideals. You are what they need, the people of Africa cry everyday, hoping that someone will help them, those cans of beans they might recieve once a week the only hope of survival. I'm not asking you to donate millions of dollars, or even five, but give what you feel your heart could offer, you are only human but remember that as a human being we are capable of anything.

Here are some links below that will direct you to the proper organizations that will gladly take what donations they can to save that one extra child, the whole village if they could. Take that next step please, I'm hoping you will make your heart cry with compassionate purpose that your higher power would ultimately reward you for, Have a wonderful rest of your day.


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