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A Hypothetical Situation

Updated on October 29, 2010

A Hypothetical Situation

      Suppose that through modern technology, a super-computer was created to eliminate poor judgement in human beings.  For every mistake you ever made, there would be this thing to zap, mess with your mind and make you feel generally awful for the wrong decision you made.  What if it was right every single time:  that pop you drank wasn't good for your insulin-tolerance, that cigarrete took 10 minutes off of your life-span and your Love interest would end in divorce.  Would you do what this thing told you all the time or would you say : "F this, these are MY decisions to make!"

     This presents an interesting conundrum - Is a life with very few decisions actually made by the self worth living?  I say NO and this is why:  we ARE our decisions.  They are a reflection of our unique personalities whether they are right or wrong.  If we let something do all of the thinking for us, what is left of us existentially-speaking........not one Heck of a lot.  I think you can see the effects such a scenario might have on many present-day Americans.  Many seem devoid of any inner-humanity.  If you live as an extension of artificial are more of a machine than a human being.

     Ever wonder what has happened to the emotional flavor of this country?  Why is it so UN-intense, un-emotional, un-pleasurable and un-interesting.  Because people are turning over their free-wills to someone or something else.  I'm all for making the right decisions, I'm just for being the one who makes the decisions..........not someone/something else.  Do I always make the right choices?  No and that's just fine with me.  The level of external-pressure to think/behave in ways that are not my own is fairly high, but I RESIST IT.  My decisions might sometimes suck, but you can tell I've retained my humanity.  I make mistakes, I laugh when I feel like laughing, I swear, I do a variety of other things once considered "individual rights" that have been placed on the chopping block of "social-programming".

     The things we are told to do are always meek, unselfish, passionless and without feeling.  It's as though we all wear choke-chains on our limbic-systems.  You can only go so far before someone/something makes things rather unpleasant for us.  Many have given up entirely and those people are SCARY because that "human factor" is so obviously missing.  There are those who make great decisions anyway and they receive less poking and prodding from the system. 

     I make the best decisions I can make IN SPITE OF this phenomenon.  I fight the ear-ringing by singing songs in my head while working on a task.  I take medications which minimize the impact of "electronic intervention" in my life.  I would Love to see more people taking "the road less travelled".  I think that FORCING someone to do the right thing ISN'T RIGHT AT ALL.  What of the free-will of the individual being violated?  When you break someone's spirit, there is a LACK OF VITALITY and emptiness in their: speech, movements and for lack of a better word - "vibes". 

     Our country is cleaner, more organized, has a much lower crime-rate and improved living conditions for many people.  It's just as though we are being treated as animals: we are broken, trained and externally-controlled by SOMETHING.  But the LACK OF HUMANITY makes the landscape quite dismal, despite it's apparent "perfection".  There is no privacy and you can be punished for enjoying anything too much.  It is a sad time for humankind in general. 

     What is the solution?  Well, as I see it - the only viable option is for individuals to choose to speak out against this system of "enforced perfection".  Those with enough independant-mindedness will take heed and say:  "This needs to change!"  Just try saying this as a test to see how much free-will you actually have.  If it is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to think, let alone say what is concerning you then you have detected the violator of your freedom. 

     Just being able to THINK "This is wrong." is itself a feat in our new tightly-controlled society.  It starts with each of us, then it spreads by SPEAKING OUT.  The internet is a very good place to reach thousands of people.  The "perfectionater" might be right about each small decision we make as it pertains to our PHYSICAL health and well-being, but our MENTAL STATE is being repressed on a scale previously un-thinkable by human standards.  Let's practice making decisions for ourselves and speaking up about it.  Hopefully, it will become a trend!


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