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If Only Elephants Could Carry a Broom

Updated on August 12, 2011

'Cause they sure do make a mess!

The following is a whole lot of very editorial venting of the wildly idealistic and proudly liberal imagination of this hubber and U.S. citizen who wishes he could write a chapter in response to the ridiculous drama that has played out over the debt ceiling.

Yesterday, Friday, August 5, 2011, the rating agency Standard and Poor's downgraded America's credit rating from AAA (the highest rating on the scale), which has been a historical consistency in our country's history, and a reliable indicator that, all in all, we tend to get it right - at least in the long term.

For the first time in America's history (, we can no longer boast this coveted vouching of our trustworthiness and responsibility. Despite coming to a snarling, grumbling, completely partisan "agreement", expectedly in the nick of time, the fallout of America's "good faith and credit", the S&P made the painful decision to downgrade America's historically consistent AAA rating - which survived both world wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iran-Contra, 9-11, the credit default swap mess, Enron accounting, and Big Bernie who Madeoff with billions, scammed from destroyed families and collapsed dreams, EVEN THE GREAT DEPRESSION!

What in the hell caused this to happen? We all bore witness. On the television news, in the papers, in Tweets, Facebook Stati updates, and a 24 hour news cycle which has almost fully integrated with a completely interconnected social network among the populace, we saw the play by play of every little jab, finger point, and pre-mature declarations that it's a "zippity-do-da day".

Say what you want about slant and the "media's liberal bias", this hubber sees no reason at all to pretend to say "it's everyone's fault" or "they all failed to get 'er done". No. I suppose that the legit, mass-exposed and vetted, long-time news and journalism sources have some responsibility to represent both sides "objectively", but sometimes, the truth and objectivity are mutually exclusive.

This hubber points the finger at the wild right and their Tea Party deference. Oh - I know - I'm just as wild and wacky - only my hue is blue.

Here's something to ponder as some of you stare, agape, at my "unfounded" blaming of the Republicans: The last time the U.S. risked this "good faith and credit", the last time we were on a negative watch and were so perilously close to losing the AAA status we seem to have taken for granted?

It was in 1996 - when the republicans refused to raise the debt ceiling, and the rating agency Moody's made the downgrade prediction.

Well, congratulations to the red elephants. They figured out how to get it wrong, right. I hope your political careers were worth selling out the country, and the people, whose votes you salivated over, and to whom you swore an oath to represent.

You had your eye on ONE ball - Obama out, a republican in! In the process, you have jeopardized the economic stability of the entire country - and beyond. And you have raised the blood pressures and LOWERED the quality of life for the very people you promised to serve.

Well done. It almost makes me wish for your plans to bear fruit. Obama's legacy was assured the moment he won the presidency. Hey - I'm not praising a man for being black, although I think it is kinda cool that a black man had the balls to seek the White House. I AM praising and proud to be among those Americans who either looked past race, ignored race, or felt it was time America smash this cotton-pickin' ceiling. History will make much ado over this phenomenon - and justly and properly so.

Still, I am a supporter of President Barack Hussein Obama, and not in a "mindless sheep" awe, either. It's not that he's black. It's that he's not afraid to be a tree-hugging blue when that's what America needs. Mine is an awe and excited "FINALLY!" over many of the words he has spoken, and the policies and practices he has trail-blazed and/or refined. Whether it's a term of 4 years or 8, he has done good things for this country, worked his ass off AND used some incredible brains to pass one of the most historic bills in this country's history, and maybe - just maybe, done a service for millions and millions of Americans for generations to come, for whom health and it's protection is not a luxury that further divides this nation.

But, you guys don't like that. You like a president who looks out for the "average Joe" - Joe millionaire and John entrepreneur, that is. You're miffed and frustrated and annoyed that, even 'though Mr. Obama has proven himself a willing centrist to get things done, his intellectual comportment and constitutional background leaves you hapless, shaking in your barn jackets, and shouting "You lie!" during formal comments by the President in setting and venue that is respected with a historically reverential comportment.

You're pissed that Mr. Obama doesn't play the same drin...oops, I mean winking games as George II (the unspoken compliance with the backroom back-scratching of yesterday's politics), and yet are poised to chide him when he deems some informality (the much overblown "beer summit") an appropriate and effective way to close gaps and open dialogue.

Hell, you're mad that America does in fact have a president who knows how to put a freakin' sentence together, and pause if necessary to do so. Even in a dozens-to-one debate - you know, that caucus where the republicans tried to throw every obscure matter of import and fact or factoid at him, and for which Mr. Obama had a ready, learned, and *SPOT ON* accurate answer for each and every question. Even when "offered" the opportunity to wrap things up (translation, the repubs wanted this thing to end, as they were getting very embarrassingly skunked, even on home court), our ready and able President answered "You know, I'm having fun". And - I'm very admiring of his speaking style which allows him to take a cerebral breath on occasion, before opening his mouth. That's called thinking. That's called deliberation. That's called taking his responsibility VERY seriously.

And it's a bit different from the impulsive and very "school-boy"ish rebuttal thrown back at Obama's "I'm having fun" remark - "We are TOO!".

"Wellll...yeah - well I can life a HUNDRED pounds!"

"I know you are but what am I???"

Okay - okay. I'll leave the poor widdle low-hanging fruit alone now. But, damn, man: "We are too"??? I almost peed myself when I heard that.

It's a shame you don't have the same sense of duty, responsibility or service. Your collateral damage could be this country's fiscal Armageddon.

Now it's up to the man whose presidency, policies, re-election considerations and vision, the undermining of which was the SOLE motivation behind your attrocious conduct, to try and repair, clean-up and prevent, if possible, the consequences of YOUR actions from coming home to roost.

One thing is for sure - President Obama is not the one who let his country down. He is not the one who put politics and personal ambition above service to his country and humanity's best ideals.

I only wish the President could send you all to your rooms without any supper, so that he can begin the tremendous work it's gonna take to clean up after you children.


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