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A Killer Walks

Updated on August 21, 2013

The system failed Trayvon Martin . After Hours of deliberating the jury came back with a not verdict guilty. George Zimmerman walked out of could with all charges dropped,he got away with murder.

Behind close doors six women had the authority to charge Zimmerman with first degree murder, but they didn't .what was they thinking?

This decision tells the American people that it is all right to Kill a innocent child because they look suspicious, because you assume he or she is up no good..

This was a high profile case and UN-arm seventeen year old black boy was killed, because George took the law in his hands.

Conversely to George having a gun he stalked, and disobeyed Law enforcement . It's hard to believe that any mother with children could let Zimmerman walk after watching, the body of Trayvon Martin.

What is this case really about? Conversely to what is being said race played, a role in this case, what more evidence they needed. The one piece of evidence they needed was Martin and he is dead and can't answer to the charges.

Zimmerman lied and was believed with his voice on tapes lying. Rachal Jentel told the truth and persecuted, she was the last one who spoke to Martin except Zimmerman. What is American justify system coming too when,children killer can go free?

Six women made a horrendous decision, not to charge Zimmerman with first degree Murder or manslaughter. What if the George Zimmerman killed this kid in Cold-blood?


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      This high profile case was doom before it started because of the jury. I can't a magic any mother , who saw the pictures of this unarm boy laying dead because he looked like he was up to something. George Zimmerman lied and got away with murder... George might be free from the law but Trayvon blood will forever be on his hands. Trayvon Martin can't suffer any more but George will have to walk a thin line. jada67