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Updated on September 6, 2012

... and he deserved every bit of it.

Former president Bill Clinton gave a fiery speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC., yesterday, to the nation, imploring voters to send a message to the Republican party that the Democratic Party was united more than ever to put President Barack Obama back in the White House in 2012.

His speech seen by millions of Americans and around the world seemed to be ad-lib, because there were no visible notes anywhere, and that made its delivery to look real and natural.

The teleprompter would compel him to turn around his head from side to side, but that was not so; as he sometimes looked his audience straight in the eye and gave it (audience) all he had from the heart.

The crowd went wild intermittently, cheering and yelling encouragement, and showing that they were hearing him; and some of them were even crying tears of joy from a speech only Bill Clinton could give.

Day one of the Convention was astonishing, with the First Lady Michelle Obama extolling her husband and saying that he has not completed what he was elected to do, and therefore he must be returned to the Oval Office to continue; but comparatively speaking, the second day was for Clinton, and it was more electrifying.

He practically swallowed up Romney and Ryan, the Republican ticket for the 2012 presidential election, in a gulp, for afters, just like finishing a palatable dinner; and as a seasoned politician would do, he made the two Obama opponents to resemble rookies in the political arena.

As one writer would put it, in describing Clinton's speech, "A master's class in using (select) factoids and policy ideas to 'explain' and score big politically. Mitt's speech should have done this." (CNN, 9/06/12).

He was a United States president before, and from his experience, no other president has ever been faced with the problems that Obama was encountering, and could finish finding solutions for them in four solitary years.

He drove that in, pointing to himself as one, who knew it, because he has been there before; and showing sympathy for Obama to give the crowd a clear picture of the difficulty of being a U.S. president. There was nothing ever like that in the whole wide world.

"Obama is doing well, and for the sake of the nation, he must be sent back to finish his job," he had said (paraphrasing him here).

The delivery of his message was loud and clear, and directed to voters of all shades of political inclination to make sure that America's woes could not be solved by people, just because they were wealthy. They could be handled effectively by a pragmatic person like Obama; and as it was, he was doing well in solving them. All he needed was "four more years."... and the crowd chorused after him.

The delegates, who had overwhelmingly voted for Obama's nomination earlier, received Clinton's message with alacrity, from a man that they loved and cherished beyond all proportion, Bill Clinton.

Unlike the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL., they (delegates) were going to go away with great hopes in advance that Obama would be elected for the a second term without any doubt. Their job was only to spread the good news of his reelection, as their favorite politician, Bill Clinton, wanted them to do. If they did, (and they would do), Obama would be safe from all his critics.

It (speech) was Clinton's best act for Obama.


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