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A Letter to Obama

Updated on February 17, 2010

The President

Mr. President, Listen to the People.
Mr. President, Listen to the People.

Letter to Obama

I'm wondering if you really see the desperate position our country is facing? We suffer now from unparalleled unemployment. Major catastrophes in the banking industry and Wall Street are wreaking havoc on the economy. Our infrastructure of roads, bridges, canals and tunnels are is an inexcusable state of disrepair. Oil and gas pipe lines are disintegrating. And we are in two wars. Both of which you seem intent on carrying out to the furthest extreme of our manpower and financial resources, as America crumbles and certain people in the financial top echelon become more and more wealthy while the poor lose their homes and dreams and health.

I believe you need to start arresting, trying and prosecuting the bankers involved in peddling these sub-prime mortgages and derivatives under the War Profiteering Act. We are at war. We have been for eight years now. And these people went about seeking to make huge profits and dividends by selling "bad paper" to Americans and foreign nationals, and even whole countries like Iceland, bankrupting millions, and basically losing a trillion dollars in the process! The bulk of this trillion dollars could have been useful in our war efforts and in supplying much needed real loans to manufacturers and retailers. You know? The people who actually supply our jobs? Instead these criminally intent bankers and super insurance trusts made America their target in a huge on-going scam which they have perpetrated upon the nation, putting us all in jeopardy! We are more prone to terrorist and foreign national attacks than ever before. We are vulnerable at every weakened point of infrastructure. (Note that today there was a huge explosion in a power plant in Connecticut! This could have very easily been a terrorist attack. Even if it was only another example of our failing infrastructure).

I want to get Americans back to work. I myself am unemployed now for six weeks. I am diabetic. I have no health insurance. And my unemployment insurance is nowhere to be seen! My wife is about to lose her job at Macy's Dept. store, due to cut backs in her Bridal Department. So I am all for getting America back to work. But I think it is important now to strike down the
real terrorists, those War Profiteers on Wall Street and in the Banking and Insurance industries who have essentially weakened and crippled America's Economy to the point where we are all being threatened. If we grow weaker our enemies will surely take advantage. Our military resources are stretched to the limit. Our budget is in deficit and our ability to "pull together as a Nation" is at risk as more and more people become jobless.

You should enact legislation that provides great tax penalties for anyone having off-shore accounts, and for anyone who favors outsourcing American jobs in an effort to make profits in the Global Economy to the detriment of our National Economy. Seriously you need to start arresting and trying the bankers who "failed" after selling their worthless papers and then came crying to the rest of America for a "bail-out" which once they received it, went right into the pockets of those who made this debacle possible! These criminally minded people, these CEOs and CFOs need to be ousted from their jobs and replaced by their capable staff working under them. A lesson must be taught to these War Profiteers that in times of stress and National Emergency no one has the right to make insane profits and give themselves equally insane "bonuses" at the expense and risk of ruining the Nation! This is their Nation too. America made it possible for them to rise in society and become "trusted" experts in finance. And these self-serving traitors they have treasonously acted against their Fellow Americans in a time of War seeking their own personal betterment and criminally conspiring to steal extreme amounts of National Capital from the US Government and treasury! these people are criminals and should be treated as such. It is time to "clean house" Mr. President. Someone needs to be made to pay for this, the Second Great Depression. Look around at the boarded up malls, the closed shopping centers, the thousands of abandoned businesses, homes and even entire neighborhoods, the unpopulated housing and business developments! This time will be rightly called the Second Great Depression by the end of the year. And this time we know exactly who is at fault and what they were doing to cause this collapse! Banks and insurance companies peddling obviously bad mortgages and producing a bubble they KNEW would have to burst.

I'm sure you won't ever see this letter. Too bad. Really. Some of your constituents are not as dumb as the bankers,lawyers and doctors, and insurance and real estate brokers make us out to be. If nothing is done about these offenders. And our country is attacked. There may be a general attack on the rich and super-rich by an enraged public. Hopefully, as happened in the 1930's the government won't machine gun American citizens down when they march on Washington seeking a redress of grievances as guaranteed by the Constitution!

And please cease giving our good money to these criminal malcontents who seek to ruin the stability and prosperity of this Nation. In this time of war and misery around the world, with tragedy in Haiti and our own problems with homelessness, joblessness and despair, our money would be better spent given back to the people who the banks are forcing out of their homes and jobs.

Yours truly,

David T. St.Albans-Pudelwitts


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    • Tamarii2 profile image

      Tamarii2 7 years ago from NEW YORK

      Interesting Hub.I listen to President Obama's ideas a lot.I believe you wrote about everything he is working on.So indirectly God is using him to fight for us all.So many people are trying to fight him on every issue.We must pray to God that he get things done.I have offered up prayers for you and your wife.Have faith in God.The bible says we have what we say.So change your conversation,thoughts to positive.Be creative.Create your jobs.All jobs came from someone creating them.God gives us time to be creative.God is a creator and he lives within us.So we are a part of Him and He us.Jesus being the door.All this is done by faith.So seek a new journey and enjoy it.One thought of hope changes everything.Thank you for responding to one of my questions because it lead me to your hubs.PEACE.