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A Letter to the NBA: Help Stop the use of the N-word

Updated on May 31, 2011

Let's abolish all hate

NBA's Grant Hill is lending his voice to stop hate against gays.
NBA's Grant Hill is lending his voice to stop hate against gays.

The NBA can help stop the casual use of the n-word

Dear David Stern,

I appreciate and laud the efforts of NBA players and executives to fight against the use of the word gay or any other term to refer to homosexuals in our communities in a derogatory fashion. I believe that gay rights are the civil rights of our era and that we have to stand against dehumanizing people because we believe or live differently than they do. That is why I am appealing to the NBA to increase its campaign and help stamp out the use of the n-word.

Your organization, more than any other has benefited from hip-hop culture. The NBA is also representative of many nations around the world. I believe that you have the power to help end a word that is a mark on our society and that young people now use as a term of endearment. I envision your campaign looking something like this.

Opening shot:

Players are involved in an aggressive game of basketball on an inner-city court. The players are from a mixture of backgrounds. One player is dribbling the ball up the court.

Point guard: (shouting) Game Point!!!

One of his teammates sets a pick for him. He crosses over to his left hand and blows by his man. The big man from the other team confronts him at the basket and he shoots the ball with his left hand. The big swats his shot away. The big man is Hispanic and the shooter is white.

Big Man: N***a please.

Dwight Howard comes on screen.

Howard: Woah!! Woah!! Using the N-word is not acceptable in the game..

Pau Gasol: Because the N-word is not what you call a friend

Tim Duncan: The n-word was used to degrade African-Americans for years

Dirk Novitski: It was the last word many African Americans heard before they died during their struggle for civil rights…

Kevin Durant: You’re better than that.

Closing Caption: Put the N-word where it belongs, in history.

The reason I am concerned Mr. Stern, is because I am a teacher and a basketball coach. Well, actually an academic coach. Even though we have built our team on the commitment of getting our players to college, we still hear the N-word from them on a daily basis. I hear Hispanic children saying, “What’s up my ni**a?”

I think you have the power do something about it. Again, I applaud you for your efforts on creating tolerance among your players with issue of gays. I think this is another issue where you should stand up and speak out.


Bruce Bean


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