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A Litmus Test For Future Drivers, Employees, Spouses and If It's Not Too Much to Ask, Voters

Updated on August 2, 2019
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Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Blindfolded while operating a motor vehicle
Blindfolded while operating a motor vehicle

D.W.B. (Driving while blindfolded)

So the smashed up vehicle pictured above, is of a recent accident, but it is not your typical run-of-the-mill accident....for you see, the young female driver, who was behind the wheel, was driving while blindfolded!

Now, along with D.U.I., there will be a whole new thing, a brand new charge will now need to be added to the list of infractions in Police Officer‘s ticket books.....

D.W.B. (Driving While Blindfolded) because this isn’t the first car smashed while an Operator has made a decision to drive blindfolded and, sadly, it will not be the last, because it’s now, a thing!

In fact, we will never know how many times this will have happened, because family members, in an effort to save their reputation and protect their good name, will be keeping these ‘incidents’, under wraps. Shhhh, let’s not mention this ever again honey.

This is happening quite regularly, due to the release of the movie, ‘Bird Box’.

In the make-believe, pretend, not real, this movie.....people are blindfolded, for their own safety. I’ll not say more than that, don’t want to spoil it, but the people attempting real life, are obviously NOT doing it for safety reasons. Quite the opposite, they are walking into walls, potholes, light poles, tripping over curbs, driving into and over things and they are occasionally driving straight {or maybe...not so straight} into other cars!

To say this is a very bad idea would probably be the understatement of the century, correct?

But, it is actually happening.

Sandra Bullock stars in Bird Box
Sandra Bullock stars in Bird Box

A proposition

If this is going to continue for some time and be an ongoing thing, I propose that we use it to our full advantage.

For starters, it would be a great line of questioning for those seeking to vote in our elections, become motor vehicle operators on our highways and byways.....for becoming a spouse\parent, for deciding if one is really ready to leave the basement of their parent’s home, etc., should I go on?

I could.

A type of litmus test or aptitude test...what could we call it?


While we think on that, the line of questioning would go something like this:

Miss Jones, before I bestow this great honor upon you and before I hand over what you should regard in high esteem, your Voter Registration card, I have a few questions for you.....

Mr. Smith, before you leave this building today, with a license to drive, the lives of those around you at your mercy, I have to first ask a few questions of you.....

  • Are you a citizen of the United States Of America? (first things first, right?)
  • Do you think it is a good idea to blindfold yourself and while still blindfolded, walk into traffic, through a park, enter into a mall or a shopping center? Why or why not?
  • Would you ever consider taking your car key, along with a bandana, getting into your car, placing the bandana over your eyes, checking the rear view mirror to make sure your bandana is sufficiently covering your eyes and that you can’t see a damn thing, before starting the engine and driving away? Why or why not?
  • Would you try it, but only if and when you were double dog dared?

A great idea, right?

If there is even the slightest hesitation to any one of these questions,


We could do some serious weeding out before the next election.

We could change the world and maybe even get some very bad drivers off the boot!

Make a difference

Okay, I am having a little fun with this, but this is so very disturbing and I cannot believe it is happening.

It’s crazy enough to chase after imaginary Pokémon or to get out and run alongside a moving car to a certain song, but, to be in a moving car, as the official driver/operator.....with a blindfold on, well that is insanity!

Back in my day (that makes me officially sound old), you know back in my day kids, we had what we called Chinese Fire Drills (I did not name it, do not claim it) In this drill, when we would come to a complete stop at a traffic light or stop sign, we’d get out, circle the car, go back to our seats, occasionally changing positions, so someone new could possibly be driving, once we started moving again.

That’s it.

Probably not a good idea, someone could have been hurt by another vehicle while circling the car, but pretty tame comparatively.

This is very serious. Another understatement? Most definitely.

Will someone have to die, before those that choose to be this reckless, wise up or will a tragedy only entice the thrill seeker, enhance the experience?

It is all so crazy, not sure how else to describe it.

For those that have enough free time to even consider doing something like blindfolding themselves and walking or driving into traffic, might I suggest doing something more rewarding and far less dangerous?

With eyes uncovered and wide open, clean up trash along the highway or along a stretch of beach. Check with your elderly neighbors, see if you can help them out with chores, run an errand for someone that is shut in due to sickness.

Random acts of kindness beat random acts of stupid every single time!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 A B Williams


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