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The 10:10 Eco-Campaign - Save The Environment With Green Vegan Food

Updated on November 5, 2015

Vegan Carrot Cake: It's A Dirty Job But Someone's Got To Eat It

Photo credit: wEnDaLicious (Flickr/  Creative Commons Creative Commons License Deed Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic)
Photo credit: wEnDaLicious (Flickr/ Creative Commons Creative Commons License Deed Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic)

Vegan Sausage & Mash. Mmmm!

Photo credit: BinaryApe (Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.)
Photo credit: BinaryApe (Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.)

Veganism and Other Eco-steps: Can You Help Save The Planet?

Are you concerned about the potential of global warming? Are you worried about what the consequences could be for you, your children and your grandchildren? Maybe you have heard about the 10:10 initiative, a grassroots movement to get everyone - individuals, governments, organisations, communities, corporations – to get their carbon footprint reduced by 10% by 2010.

It doesn’t sound that impressive, does it? But according to the 10:10 campaigners, it could be enough to save us from global warming. Is that something worth reducing your impact on the planet by 10% for – especially if it involves a few maneuvers, tricks and tips that really wouldn’t be that painful to implement?

Vegan and Yummy!

Creative Commons licence
Creative Commons licence | Source

What Is 10:10? What Can You Do Exactly?

The 10:10 initiative doesn’t suggest anyone adopt wholesale full-time veganism (unless they really want to, of course.) It merely points out a few options we can choose from as we work towards hitting that magical 10% figure. There are lots of other options apart from diet: installing low-power lightbulbs, ensuring no household appliances and electronic goods are left on standby, walking or biking a certain fraction of the time, rather than driving. But, for me at least, diet seems like a quick, easy, reliable option.

What do I mean by reliable? Well, if I’m honest, I can’t absolutely promise to always remember to shut household appliances off at the wall. I already don’t drive so there’s no carbon saving to be made there. And my other half detests dim lightbulbs.

It seems much more certain, more measurable and reliable, to simply ensure that at least one out of every three grocery shopping expeditions is completely vegan. Long-term, I’m aiming for one out of two, but I’m starting off gently. Baby steps, baby steps! How far will this go to my 10% goal? According to 10:10, about 33% of the way. That seems pretty good to me. I'm aiming to buy more second-hand clothes and goods too, which also helps: I already buy a lot.

It's Not That Hard To Help.

After all, how hard can it be? It’s not as if it’s really going to involve any deprivation, especially as I won’t even be going 100% vegan. I’m not saying goodbye to any of my favourite carnivorous treats forever: just for a week or so at a time, maybe. Moderation is so much easier than abstinence!

Will your vegan friends be annoyed by your new stance? Well, not if they’re sensible. The more people adopt a higher proportion of vegan foodstuffs – whether they intend to abstain from animal foods absolutely or not – then the more animal suffering will decrease. Who can argue with that? If you’re caring for the planet into the bargain, then I can’t see how anyone could reasonably paint it as a bad or hypocritical thing. (By the way, don’t refer to yourself as a ‘flexitarian’ if you value your skin – now that really is annoying!)


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