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A Liveable Wage

Updated on August 13, 2012

I was not going to make a hub on this topic, but here go's. We live in a country that was stolen and constructed from boards of deceit, theft, murder, lye's, treachery, pain, misery, human suffering, stolen labor, slavery, savagery, rape, and Inter breeding, we live in a country that takes from us every day, gives nothing back.

Minimum wage=7.25 an hour, average work day=8 hours, if your lucky you can find a full time job that pays minimum wage, seems since the "economy crash" all labor jobs have been cut down to part time, OK!! now, I did the math, 8 hours a day=58 dollars a day, 58 dollars a day= 290 dollars a week, 290 dollars a week=1,160 dollars a month, sounds good right!!! Well that's before taxes are taking, after taxes are taking your whopping 1,160 dollars turns into a meek 812 dollars a month. Now for a single parent house hold where there is no "We", that is an unlivable wage.

Lets figure it, average rent for a crappy two bedroom in a bad neighbor hood with a bad school, lets say 500$ a month, now we'll say waters included, electricity for a single parent running lights, electronics and stove at a minimum 50$ a month in the summer, in the winter around 100$ a month.

Now a single parent we know has at least has Medicaid/Food-stamps, now I know someone of your nature will say we'll sell the car and take the bus, that is where I would fire off and say, that would mean now you will never rise above the slave labor wage your getting paid, that would leave you stuck in life right where your at, a person needs a car since they have been replaced with the horse, Car insurance equals, low ball figure for basic insurance for the single parent who has been driving a little while 75 dollars a month, GAS at 3.80 a gallon, the average distance just to work and back we'll average gas out to be about 10 gallons a week, 38 dollars a week, 152 dollars a month.

Now I don't know any job that is going to have some body who is dirty, foul stinky, so we have put cosmetics such as soap=5 dollars a month, toilet paper 7 dollars a month, cleaning supply's to clean your crappy apartment, lets say Ten dollars a month, school supply's are needed through out the year, field trips for little Suzy, or little Johnny, we'll say the school year usually cost living amongst the cheapest budget 50 dollars a year.

I know an argument you may give, haha!! income tax return? Income tax returns have there own place, they are not meant for getting ahead, in a low single parent house hold they are used for the big hits as i like to call them.....School clothes shopping, a child should be allowed to have an outfit a day for school and use their old clothes for playing out side.

Pants at the salvation army will run at about 5 to ten bucks a pair, 5 pair=25 dollars, for cheap second hand shirts they'll run ya about 3 to 8 dollars a piece, we'll shop the three dollar ones that will be another 15 dollars, you don't bye used shoes, under where, or socks, for sanitary reasons and out of love for child, so you shop pay less and get a 15 dollar pair of shoes, 12 dollars a pack of under where, 10 dollar pack of socks from Walmart. Maintenance on your vehicle is a year some times monthly expense, if your lucky enough to even possess a cheap beater, oil changes are every three months, if you do it your self it will cost about 15 dollars, that estimate is for a cheap used 4 cylinder vehicle. Income tax is used to try to rise up out of the negative each year.

What I am saying is the system is designed crooked, I worked in the public assistance building in Cayuga County New york ounce, I witnessed them turn away a starving man for applying just for food-stamps because he was homeless and had no address, while I was cleaning up the Cornish hens the workers were cooking behind the window in the back rooms, I road with the work for welfare program where they drove vans around the city in circles doing nothing but wasting time and expense, leaving the vehicle to idle the whole day, all I could think is I could use that gas money on something else. I watched them waste money.

I understand how people can make the decision to take advantage of the system, because there should be no system, it's funny Capitalism in America is only 400 years old, in just 400 years it has turned people so unnatural it is not even funny, it has turned good girls into street whores, men and woman into thieves, politicians and law men into corrupt liars, separated humans into classes, taking away the natural aspect of human existence, started wars, genocides, built bombs that left places radioactive forever, put homeowners out on the street, devastated the small business, created a ripple effect of corruption the world has never know in such mass figures. Capitalism has imprisoned and ruined this country's morals, ethics, and values.

I can't put the blame on a person who is just a product of a government that does not think twice before crippling an economy, I could go into the banks bail outs, and wall street, the debt America owes China, how the Chinese profit off our baby's being born into this consumer world but that takes an open mind to comprehend so I will save my breath.

"WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE" that is the only way to stop this Demon from getting any stronger, maybe someday we Americans won't be so fat and lazy and take this country back, it's sad because America fought a revolutionary war to stray away from England's choke hold on This stolen rock, just to allow a bunch of "Fat Aristocrats" to put us in an even stronger strangle hold.

My Argument is your only blaming the people made visible, what about that invisible evil that lurks in the shadows taking, taking, draining, highjacking our way of life.


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    • Matthew Weese profile image

      Matthew Weese 5 years ago from Auburn

      There are many people in your situation, you work just enough to be exempt from any help at all, however most people set their eye's on the recipient who receives Government aid, when it is not their fault, they are just laid out on the chopping block in plain site, when Social workers, Doctors, fast food franchises, Programs such as C.H.A.D, halfway houses, drug rehabilitation programs, drug courts, D.O.C.S, Law enforcement even drain the economy at enormous speeds, all in the disguise of budgets, instead of allowing remaining budget funds to roll over I have witnessed these organizations of respectability drain/waste community funds.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 5 years ago from Reno NV

      I am married with two kids in a proffesional job that I have held for years. My wife stays at home with the kids, our income is 30,000 dollars under the poverty limit in Nevada. I feel this is ridiculous since I have a fourty hour a week proffesional job. Jamie