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Updated on April 19, 2012

He must be a kind and gentle owner.

Political campaign activists will use anything to favor their candidate, but at the same time, they will fish for the nastiest scandal that will condemn the opposing candidate and cause people to "puke" about him.

The latest is the allegorical innuendo that President Barack Obama has been fed dog meat in Indonesia; and that is as preposterous as they come. It is designed to counteract the incident in which Mitt Romney carried his pet dog on the roof of his car, traveling many miles from the U.S. to Canada.

First, in Obama's case, it is a complete allegory, as whether the story is true or not can be anybody's guess; though, the source that has put it (story) out says that Obama maintains that it is correct in one of his books. Yet, how can he be so sure that the meat he has been given is dog meat?

At a young age, anything a parent gives you is edible, and there is no way that you will ask, "what is this?" and your Papa or your Mummy will say, "...darling, it is dog meat," as things do not happen that way in real life.

Unless the child sees the preparation of the food from the very start, that a dog has been killed in his or her presence, and then the meat is fried in the kitchen, while he or she is playing in the living-room, where the aroma is appetizing from the smell, then the child does not know what is cooking. He or she is liable to eat anything that is placed in front of him or her. Why? Because all foods smell almost the same, especially when you are hungry.

So, the Obama story has no ardent or solid proof, one way or another. The credibility there is pretty shallow.

On the other hand, carrying a dog on top of a car and traveling for many miles, the driver will have a heart to feel for that dog, and to think of the rush of on coming winds that will make it hard for it to breathe; and not to mention the discomfort it is feeling, trying to get out of the harness that is used to secure it.

Dogs tend to know, when their masters are being cruel, and they will bark repeatedly to show their disapproval. However, a bad master will not budge or pay any attention, because to him dogs have no real emotions as humans do.

Romney's dog can be said to have encountered such an owner, and it will take bystanders to point to him that the dog is suffering needlessly; and its master will be looked on as being insensitive and showing cruelty to animals.

It is only practical to imagine that the Obama camp has used that incident to discredit Romney to dog lovers; but it is something that has actually happened to a dog by a full grown man; and it needs to be told, when that person is trying to portray himself as being kind and gentle to all living things.

Such a story is not an allegory; it is a fact, and that it is something that has occurred to a particular dog before; with witnesses there to prove that Romney has treated "man's best friend" badly at one time. Carrying a dog on top of a car and causing it endure pain and suffering is really the grossest way to treat anything, let alone a dog.

As for Obama, he happens to be a little boy at the time, and it is highly likely that he has had goat meat, because that is the staple meat for Indonesians. Dog meat is very rare in their country; and so, he is mistaken to say that his stepfather has fed him dog meat.

How can he be so sure of that?


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