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Updated on April 25, 2012

...and then some.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney's speech after winning the primaries of four Northeast states was not palatable to many people, including the Ben LaBolt, the Obama 2012 campaign press secretary.

He weighs in on Romney's speech and says that the title seems to be out of place; and that instead of "A better America" another heading like "Back to the future" will have been acceptable.

In LaBolt's view, Romney was saying nothing new, "because he’s proposing the same economic policies that brought us into the economic crisis in the first place,” said LaBolt. (, 4/25/12).

“More tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, letting Wall Street write its own rules again - we’ve tried those policies before. … they were supposed to unleash job creation and they didn’t.” LaBolt maintained.

The originator of those policies was Ronald Reagan, and they had continued through the Bush era, when the wealthy got tax breaks, while the country was drowning in debt.

There was a capital gains free fall on Wall Street, but the fallout of it on main street left much to be desired; namely, high unemployment and the scarcity of good paying jobs.

Romney would open the doors to corporate giants and fiendish banks to spread their wings as never before, making profits on the backs of the poor; and Wall Street would run rough shod over all the regulations that were needed for parity and equitable business dealings to be carried out there.

He would get rid of the Affordable Health Care Act, which the Republican Party has dubbed "Obamacare", for the erstwhile health insurance companies to come back and impose high premiums on the old, the sick and the most vulnerable in society, the very young suffering from incurable diseases.

Some of them were in such bad condition, they required a 24/7 day attention by dedicated parents and nurses; and would lose their health care insurance coverage, while high rolling executives and businessmen in the health care industry enjoyed $1800 dollar lunch from their ill gotten gains.

President Barack Obama, on the other hand, was the person, who signed the AHCA, as he was in sympathy with people having all kinds of pre-existing condition illnesses, and were getting booted out of inflated and high cost health plans, he brought the new health care law into being. The only people that hated the newly reformed health care industry were the Republicans.

Parents and the old needed a break from all the hardship and suffering; and from the hands of callous insurance personnel and uncaring doctors. All that and more would come back to haunt many Americans.

He, Obama, was proposing an entirely new theme of prosperity that would present innovation and progress in every aspect of life for Americans; as he has a vision of building an economy that will last; and in which "hard work and responsibility are rewarded, and everybody plays by the same set of rules.” LaBolt has stated.

The contrast of that would be Reaganomics, where the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, and called that good economics.

If Romney had a better record as governor and as an outstanding businessman as he wanted people to believe, he should talk about it. He should also be talking of the new ideas that he had to move the country forward, in terms of scientific research and technological advancement, instead of making mere promises.

Americans want a more prosperous future for their children; and nothing else.


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