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Thoughts of a Smoker: A Marijuana Majority in America?

Updated on April 6, 2013

The Question

According to a TIME article, and reported from multiple media outlets, a PEW Research Center March poll of 1,501 individuals show 52% support for marijuana legalization. Perhaps not surprisingly, the greatest proportional support for the notion came from the youngest demographics, with a third of the eldest polled supporting and almost two-thirds of the youngest supporting. The same poll shows greater support for the notion among Independent and Democrats than Republicans, thought slightly less significant than the age discrepancies. Thankfully, majorities in all categories seem to acknowledge the nonsensical nature of spending millions on weed patrol!

Does this image offend you?
Does this image offend you? | Source

The Discussion

As with issues like marriage equality, it seems that over time the current majority will only increase as old people die, young people age, and new people are born. There's no doubt that this will be state-by-state issue, but how long will it be before federal changes are made? What will be the first steps? A change, perhaps, in the scheduling system that likens cannabis to heroin? Or a lessening of criminal charges for users on the federal level?

At present time, Washington and Colorado are the only two states to have it legal, but if the issue was blocked from the ballot altogether than no progress could have been made. Therefore, it may be that the major obstacle for supporters is initiatives and public exposure. For most states thus far, legalizing for medical uses is a proper first step. I would disagree with our reporter in the below video who claims that one day, maybe four to eight years from now, we will wake up with everyone feeling good about cannabis and no political squabbles will exist. Maybe I'm a pessimist, what do you think?

From The Young Turks


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    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Does this newly evident majority illustrate shifting social norms which previews our future society? Let me know what you think!