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A Muslim Caliphate Or A Western-Style Democracy

Updated on February 18, 2011

A Muslim Caliphate Or A Western-Style Democracy?

The query above may not be mutually exclusive, but I beg to differ - many of us are lauding the end of the despotic rule in Egypt and are giving kudos to the advent of the modern technology that assisted the Egyptians… and they are right to do so. But as I have written before, we are mistaken to compare the Egyptian revolution and its embers burning across the Middle East to that of the Founding Fathers. I have read the respective eloquent prose of the Federalist Papers and heard the debates among Madison, Jay, and Hamilton, but as eloquent as these writings were - with many of these thoughts codified in our Constitution - if any tenets in our Constitution were in conflict with any tenets in the Bible, it would be academic ‘which’ I would give deference to. You may ask why did I make that distinction… because the answer of which would win between a Muslim Caliphate and that of a Western-style Democracy in the Middle East is simple if one put himself in the typical Muslim’s shoes... for just as I would always choose the tenets of the Bible over the Constitution if there were a conflict – so would the typical Muslim….

Two years ago, my brother and I wrote about the coming Caliphate - not because we were prophets then, but because we had listened to what many Muslims were saying… and subsequently placing ourselves in their shoes. In England, we had the famous poling that showed that 20% of Muslims believed in Jihad against the West, even though, those in England, where the survey was done, were native born, and in most cases, were receiving cradle to grave assistance (The Dole). I also recalled that a Muslim mother was willing to use her baby’s formula as petrol to ignite a bomb, therefore killing her baby and scores of innocent passengers in the name of her cause.

When I was in the Army, Israel was the only country I would have refused to fight against… because it was against my religion as a Traditional Christian to do so. In addition, I also abstain from certain behaviors because I fear God in tandem with my belief in a literal burning hell. That is why I know that no eloquence grounded in Jeffersonian Democracy can compete with the average Muslim’s interpretation of his holy book, if interpretations of said book sanction the killing of nonbelievers... even if your personal take and stance on such issues are akin to neutral Switzerland.

I dare anyone to take a trip to jolly old England and report what is happening in certain Enclaves there… vis-à-vis Sharia Law. Perhaps, one needed not make the trek across the pond, look at what is happening right here in Minnesota. Yes, I will hear how most Muslims believe in peace and that may be true, but so did most Germans during the genesis of the Second World War. We must be mindful that Hitler had the organizational know how, weapons, and the moral indolence of the German people. And if Hitler’s rewards grounded on Terraforma resulted in such bloodletting and human carnage… how then do we combat an enemy who believes in rewards grounded in a literal heaven… with the virgins and such….?


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    • profile image

      Ghost32 7 years ago

      Well outlined. I've held off on writing about the situation in Egypt for the simple reason that I don't yet feel QUALIFIED to comment. You, on the other hand, have pinned down the key issue precisely...and without a wasted word.

      Kudos: Voted up, useful, awesome.

      I do suspect the "coming Caliphate" in Egypt is not yet a sure thing--but am willing to admit that could be due simply to my tendency toward optimism in general. (Speaking of generals, it remains to be seen exactly how the Egyptian Army's role will play out, for one thing.)

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 7 years ago from New York

      Thank you for your take -I hope I continue to inspire thoughtful discussions whether or not you agree with a given hub.

      -Verily Prime

    • SheriSapp profile image

      SheriSapp 7 years ago from West Virginia

      Magnificent hub here. You are succinct and factual in your musings. I also am glad for the Egyptian people that they have rid themselves of a despotic ruler, but I am deeply concerned about the next group/person to be ruler there. Your example of a mother using baby formula for a bomb called to mind a thought I have had often, how can we hope to understand, much less wage war, against a group who hates us more than they love their own children? I am glad I read this article, thanks for writing it!!