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Updated on September 20, 2010

Have Serious Talks.

The U.N. General Assembly is hosting world leaders again this week; with President Obama scheduled to address the august body on Wednesday. Other leaders will have their chance to speak, and to express their perception of how the state of world affairs are shaping, either for peace or for conflict among member nations.

To find ways to solve the myriad of problems the U.N. has at its door must be the foremost agenda for all the leaders, instead of the quibbling, wrangling and animosity that have pervaded previous meetings; such as Iran developing nuclear energy, and eventually having plans to produce weapons, and others following suit; and North Korea sinking a ship for no other purpose, but just to start trouble with its southern neighbor.

President Ahmadinenad has already been saying that, "the future belongs to Iran," and that "the United States must recognize his nation 'is a big power'." That already looks like throwing down the gauntlet on the part of Iran, and by so doing, putting the U.S. on the spot.

Most people will wonder what the U.S. response will be; and if President Obama is not too careful, such a statement can start a spark of contention, or at least, a great deal of misunderstanding that will go a long way to mar the spirit of unity and the purposefulness of peace for which the meeting has been convened, and of which the U.N. must be more concerned about.

The man in the street; the ordinary New Yorker, will be going about his business as usual; but he will also be watching how the leaders of the civilized world will tend to behave toward each other; and he will learn from it, whether good or bad. Have serious talks instead.

We all wish the U.N. peace and harmony in its deliberations this week.


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