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Updated on July 27, 2012

One of the two is not offering anything new at all, if he is offering anything at all.

The political philosophies of the two candidates running for the United States presidency in the 2012 general election are quite obvious. They are as night and day, when one looks at them critically.

One says, let's build a new house, referring to the present status of the economy, with a strong foundation and sizable rooms (opportunities) to accommodate more people.

The old system of tax breaks and loopholes to be gotten rid of, and to be replaced by one that will make the playing field even, as corporations, companies, big and small, and the wealthy in society can take advantage of these privileges, whilst the ordinary folk is left out.

The other is saying, let's keep the old house, with leaks in the roof, but there is a gutter that directs the rain to nourish the grass on the ground for the cows for them to produce more meat for the market leading to more profit.

He purposely forgets that not all or very few people have cash cows; however, the old house (system) has provided work for those without (cash cows) and that is good enough for the community.

President Barack Obama is not against success, as his possible opponent in the 2012 presidential election is asking people to believe. He sees to find a way to modernize the old financial system that will prevent investment capital from going out or to remain in the country, in order for the up and down sway of the economy to stop.

It takes a large amount of regulations to achieve that; but that is exactly what profiteers hate, because they (regulations) stifle their ROI (return-on-investment), and that is not a free market philosophy (or that of capitalism). Regulations are for suckers (like you and me), who for some reason or another cannot make use of the old financial game being played on the "Street".

Ronald Reagan has learned that, when he switched from being a Democrat to become a Republican, and has used tax breaks and less regulations to allow the market (economy) to create thousands of private sector jobs, which to him was not a bad idea at all. That is what Romney intends doing.

Yet, many economists are against a system without directives and safeguards; and though, the free market is good, but it also must have guidelines to make it work properly; hence, the regulations. People can invest wherever they want, but they must funnel back their profits into their country of origin and pay taxes on them (profits).

In the U.S., federal tax revenues are needed to fix the infrastructure. and to help state and local governments to function efficiently as they have to, in other to cater to the interests of all citizens and serve them equally.

What is going on right now is the posture of free will versus accountability, with one party holding on to the ideology that one has to be free to do what one wants, in terms of one's finances, and the other party insisting that the federal government has the responsibility to compel people, especially the wealthy, who are capable of stashing away hordes of dollars in overseas and off-shore banks, to "pay their fair share in taxes", for the betterment of all Americans.

It is the old versus the new; with the Republicans fighting to preserve the old (system), while Obama and the Democrats want to introduce a new form of economy that will quell unemployment and empower, particularly the middle class of society, to have the freedom to pursue a better standard of living for its members and their families.

The Republicans and conservatives seem to be advocating that there is too much risk to "Obama's new plan", and some even call it socialism; for example a universal health care coverage known as the Affordable Care Act, that will cost too much to operate; as well as similar measures that the president will implement in his second term, the country will go bankrupt, in their estimation.

What about Romney's plan (if he has one, which nobody knows it exists)? Will that not have any risk? If so, how can people tell at this stage, when he is trying so hard to conceal his own tax returns?

Who knows, if the capitalists will have a field day and victimized society; with oil companies raising gas prices at random, and private health insurance establishments putting out premiums that only a few can afford, and refusing health coverage to people with pre-existing conditions?

"All aboard," says Obama; and there will be nobody on the other ship, but Mitt Romney and friend, come November 6th, 2012.

However, voters have to stop looking at the "one-sided" plea by both sides, designed to change minds, and concentrate on the candidate with the best interest of the American people at heart.

Will it be hard to figure that out? That will be up to you, the voter.


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