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Updated on July 26, 2012

Must not Americans be seeing things clearly?

The insane affinity of the Republican Party and the wealthy people in the United States is causing persons like Donald Trump to make assertions that can only be deemed unpatriotic and anti-American to a great extent.

If that isn't setting the rich against the poor, or nourishing the characteristics of a class warfare in the country, then nothing can be blamed for the divisiveness that is seizing the political atmosphere in an election year that is so critical in the country's history.

For example, what can drive Trump to say that President Barack Obama is "delusional" in an interview on national television is beyond any type of explanation, unless rhetoric has become so fashionable in present day politics in such a way that anyone can stand by what they say without thinking of the repercussions.

Calling a president names isn't the right thing to do, though, one might have one's differences with him, that does not mean that one has the audacity to be disrespectful to the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S Armed Forces and Head of State in any regard or instance.

However, a person like Donald Trump is a born cretin, hiding behind his family fortune and playing the fool at every chance he gets. Yet, what he is actually doing is painting the Republican Party as a special entity with no empathy of any kind for common people.

For all these year, he (Trump) and the Republican Party have not been listening to the president in all the speeches that he has been making about "change", with respect to the present economic system that is failing to work for every citizen.

The old system that permits Trump and his ilk to move their investment capital around is what is causing the American economy to be bopping up and down, from one recession to another, and if there are no regulations to create a reversion of that archaic system to completely die, there will never be any equality in society.

The middle class that has to rejuvenate the American economy after WW ll, is being held down by the philosophy of prosperity coming from a few at the top of the economic ladder and trickling slowly downwards to the majority of people at the bottom.

It is about time that the middle class and ordinary working people have to be seated at the economic table and begin to enjoy the benefits that they have been, and still being, denied by the dilapidated system that Trump is so proud of.

That is the popular cause that Obama is championing; that the playing field has to be made level for all to use their God given talents to succeed in life.

The old system head-quartered on Wall Street and elsewhere believe only in making profits and seeing to investment growth. Investors will only come in with their capital, if conditions fit their criteria; otherwise they have the right to hold back for the economy to deteriorate and unemployment becomes rampant.

The only way to stop that is to put a new system in place that will be controlled by the use of taxation regulations to stabilize the financial status, and thus ending the push-pull economy that is failing a great portion of the population.

Unemployment will go down, and jobs will be created within the country, instead of outsourcing them to "greener pastures", like sweat shops and low labor earning countries.

Public institutions will be revitalized, such as the department of Education and research centers that will cater to the needs of all citizens, irrespective of one's social background.

The revenues from taxes will be used to build a better infrastructure, good roads, bridges and tunnels; and of faster trains and more efficient and modern airports to serve the nation.

That is the old vision, which is held by Trump and Mitt Romney; and the new vision, which will spread prosperity throughout society, which is being espoused by Obama.

All what Americans have to do is to listen closely to the two camps, and they will know the difference. Rhetoric coming from the type of Donald Trump must not be taken seriously; because it is stemmed from ignorance, if not from jealousy and selfishness, or from all of the above.

Besides, the Republican Party must not be a rich club fighting on the side of the wealthy against the aspirations of the majority of the American people. America must be united as the founding fathers must have anticipated.

The old American heritage must go, yielding place to the new.


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