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Updated on September 11, 2012

... but change won't come for Romney.

The rational for one candidate getting a bounce, after the two conventions were over, has been quite simple. On the one hand, the Republican Party Convention in Tampa, Fla., was a showcase to remake Mitt Romney, the party's representative in the 2012 presidential election.

His image as a Wall Street tycoon, and the imperial nature of his business background as CEO of a private equity company, did not fit into a political scene of almost half of the population of the United States, which was made up of hard working ordinary people.

There were about 138 million taxpayer workers in the U.S., and out of that number, only 19% were "white collar" workers, making the majority to be blue collar and/or ordinary people working everyday to support their families.

Romney has been part of the minority working sector most of his life, but he was now forced to face a population of 129 million mainly made up of middle class and simple, ordinary citizens.

Even, his running mate on the Republican ticket, Paul Ryan, has blue collar connections; and the two did not run head to head in demographics, or saw eye to eye in public policies.

On the other hand, President Barack Obama has had working class beginnings from infancy, and so he was closer to the majority of the people that formed the Democratic Party, whose make-up was mainly unionized and working organizations, culminating into the middle class of American society.

On the kinds of people that made speeches at the conventions, there were a few of them from the middle class on the Republican side than there were on the Democratic side, and that went to show that in contrast, the two political parties catered to or were attracted to two different shades of people, due to their separate ideologies.

However, one sector was greater in high profile members, while the other was categorically formed from simple folk, with a common backdrop of regular workers sharing the same ideals.

Therefore, Obama's message would be accepted by a portion of the population in the majority, while Romney would struggle to get his (message) across, and pretending to be any other person, which he was not.

It was the cat clawing hard to get to the other side of the mirror, while its own reflection was also trying to break through what was completely impossible.

Romney's redressing was not gaining traction because of who he was, as an elitist, a wealthy and high ranking individual, an icon in the business world, who was being transformed into something excruciatingly different, so that the majority of people would identify with, would be an impossibility.

Having coal miners and uniformed workers behind him at his political rallies would never change him or make him look like their kind. Simply put, his presentation at the convention was good, but he was addressing the wrong audience nationwide.

Obama's bounce came from his ability to speak to the people that he has known and has been associated with throughout his life; he sounded convincing in his acceptance speech to the point of moving his candidacy to a new level, and as someone, who could master his own fate; and if that should continue on the 2012 political campaign trail, his second term bid would not be hard to achieve.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

      I also believe that Romney is just a corporate raider, who doesn't have a clue how to even talk to middle class people. The stories his wife told about how they ate on a pull out ironing board in college seemed unlikely, Romney's father was a Governer, and I'm sure all of Mitt's college cash didn't come from P/T jobs in summers and in evenings after class. At least Obama identifies with more people, and I believe he needs more time to fix the problems. Even if he can't, Romney has no ideas. Even at this late date, he keeps parroting, "We have to get Obama out of office." OK. But what will he do if that is the result, and he wins? I also don't trust a person so rich they are hiding money offshore in accounts, and all other presidents had to release more than 2 yrs. worth of income tax refunds. He's lying, although many insist they know nothing about Obama. We know practically every move he made in his life. I agree with you.