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Updated on May 4, 2014

Please, please, please.

Do the Republicans really believe that the American people think they (Republicans) care more about the 4 diplomats, who died in Benghazi?

Everybody, even a twelve year old, knew (and still knows) that what caused the death of Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador and his three colleagues, who died in the Benghazi attack(s) was a terrorist act; and there was no misunderstanding about that.

The email that they were raising hullabaloo about mentioned Benghazi; but it (email) was not about Benghazi as such.

It was an overview of what happened in North Africa and elsewhere, including Egypt and Libya on the night of 9/11/2012.

The two events in Eastern Libya and Cairo, for example, were connected, due to a video that mortified Mohammad, and Muslims everywhere felt so strongly about it. The Libyans would not ignore the video and say that they couldn't care less about the insult that it has caused to the Muslim religious leader.

Also, the events were taking place on the same night and almost at the same time. So, who in his or her right mind to say that one was a spontaneous demonstration and the other a terror attack?

For political reasons, the Republicans have been putting on a false assumption that they were more concerned about the dying of the diplomats, and the American people would take their bait of accusing the Obama administration of a "Cover-up" of the Benghazi nightmare; and the recent appearance of an email was dubbed a "smoking-gun", which proved their pretence that they were the only people wanting to know "the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the truth" in regard to the Benghazi incident.

Four Congressional Committee investigations have inquired about the matter already, and none of them accused the Obama administration or any U.S. State Department official of presenting any testimony that was incriminating or tried to hide anything. Now, they were calling for a bi-partisan Congressional Select Committee to probe the case once again.

Every American was hurt, with respect to the four diplomats' tragic deaths. They sacrificed their lives in the interest of their country. They suffered death for doing what very few people could do for their country; an honorable and glorious accomplishment.

So, their story should not be politicized, but that was what the Republicans were up to, knowing 2014 was an election year.

The American public should not allow them to get away with their hypocrisy of "crying over spilt milk", so to speak (or write).

EMMANUEL BANDOH. owurakwasip.

P.S. I prefer "spilt" to "spilled".


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