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Updated on October 22, 2012

A great opportunity to choose the right person.

It seemed that, the two campaigns of President Barack Obama, Democrat, and ex-governor Mitt Romney, Republican, have come to the wire, with tonight's debate to be the deciding factor as to which of the two candidates has the momentum going for him into the actual day of the election, November 6th, 2012.

It has been a grueling experience for the whole nation to watch them argue out their differences in the first two debates, and tonight would not bring a "game changer" of any kind, as both men have already stated their positions on almost every issue.

Yet, it would not be unrealistic to say that Obama has the upper hand in almost all the swing states, and even in the the national poll, except in the Gallup and Rasmussen polls, which for some reason best known to their publishers, have always tilted toward Romney.

They and Fox News polls seemed to be biased, and so they could not be trusted as much as the other news outlet polls, like those of and

"National Poll Shows Obama Ahead By 3 Points", according to at 48% to 45% in favor of Obama.

Nonetheless, with all the polls aside, the electorate has been presented with enough information about where each of the two candidates aimed to take the country.

One was purely futuristic, with the United States preparing itself for the events ahead in world affairs; and the other was full of standstill ideas and policies that have brought the country into a mess economically. Unemployment was too high, and government dependency has become a major factor in the lives of a great percentage of the population.

That was the true nature of the problems facing the U.S. today; and though, Obama's opponent would deny that he (Obama) has an agenda for the future; however, the proof of the president having a plan to move the country FORWARD was demonstrated in the last debate.

He would use every energy source to make America independent from foreign fossil oil country suppliers, by harnessing solar, wind power and natural gas technologies, and even clean coal, to bring that about.

Fossil fuel produced energy would still be widely used, as 70% of energy supplies for transportation and factoring plants would need that, but renewable energy sources, as mentioned above, would supplement it for the cycle of none dependence on the Middle East or Venezuelan producers, who practiced price gauging at the drop of a hat, to complete.

Natural gas, which was in abundance "under our feet" would be exploited, and other periphery industries would be developed to create jobs in their thousands, in the form of manufacturing of Green or bio-fuel energy products to compete with countries like China, India and Germany in exports on the world markets.

Those countries have invested heavily in those fields and the U.S. should not be lagging behind, or the future would be the same as now, with it (U.S.) depending on others for energy supplies that would not be cheap.

That was part of the future programs that Obama had in mind. However, tonight's debate, presumably, would be about foreign policy; and there too Obama was very strong. as he pinpointed a few of his achievements during the last debate; of ending the Iraq war, and also he was about to bring active military involvement in Afghanistan to a close in 2014, of bringing Osama bin Laden to justice for his part in the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. that killed almost 3000 Americans.

His alliances with America's friends were based on cooperation by all, as seen in the Libyan war with NATO countries joining forces to depose Muammar Gadhafi to stop a carnage in North Africa. Thousands of people would have been killed, just as what was going on in Syria at present.

With Iran's nuclear ambition, Obama has been very cautious of how to handle it, and though military action was still on the table, but that would be as a last resort. He would prefer to use diplomacy and sanctions, with the United Nations playing a role, to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

He has been open on that issue with Israel, which has been threatened directly by Iran with annihilation; and just yesterday, it (Iran) was asking to continue talks with the U.S. on its nuclear program.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has "hawks" and war mongers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to advise him on foreign affairs; and particularly, on Iran, to attack suspected nuclear facilities in that country. They were opposed to such talks, and they were suggesting that the U.S. should ignore Iran's request.

This blog could go on and on; but what the voters have to realize was that the election was not an end in itself. It was a means to an end; thus, to get a president, who would do the right thing for the country at all times; as the world that laid ahead would be full of danger, and without a person, who would act or react with a great deal of caution to any type of crisis, the country would be fighting wars around the world.

The U.S. could never afford to do that; as that could be too costly in terms of human resources. Furthermore, no economy could handle such a situation and survive; therefore, nobody should wish that on the country.

What they (voters) have to bear in mind is that the die will be cast on November 6th., no matter what happens tonight; and therefore, they will have the opportunity to make the right choice.


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